Laptop Backpack

The notebook and work documents are no longer just stored in a dusty briefcase. This has long since been replaced by the much more convenient alternative, the Laptop Backpack. It is no secret that the times of conservative Businessoutfits belong to the past. This trend has naturally also our urbanen labels, like QWSTION, Sandqvist, Bellroy or Rains. Bellroy or Rains noticed. A lot of men and women rely on the modern alternative and use an elegant Backpacks to transport their working material safely from A to B. At MAJIC you will find not only the office suitable backpack with laptop sleeve but also casual models for everyday life.

More about Laptop Backpack

The Laptop Backpack: practical and elegant

The Backpack with laptop sleeve is one of the most important everyday utensils at work. They are used by managers and students alike to store their notebooks or documents. However, the practical applications are not limited to the transport of everyday working materials. The Laptop Backpack for business makes an important contribution to the elegant adult outfit, because the various models have developed in parallel with fashion from a practical useful object to a fashionable Accessory. At MAJIC you will find everything from Vegan Backpacks for the office, to classic leather models and minimalistic look models. Get inspired and make your new Laptop Backpack to match your fashion statement.

Backpacks with Laptop Sleeve are usually rectangular to provide space for the notebook, technical accessories such as adapters or charging cables and documents. However, there are stylish Convertible Backpacks especially for people who are often on the road on their bicycles. These are especially designed for everyday use and can be converted within a few simple steps. Thus you profit beside the shoulder straps by an additional vertical handle over an additional carrying possibility. The design of these practical convertible Laptop Backpacks and Tote Bags is therefore also suitable for the use in a casual environment. In our product range you will find beside the elegant female laptop backpacks for ladies also masculine models for men. But they all have one thing in common - practical features with reliable functions. The use of the right materials is also crucial. Especially if you are walking or cycling a lot, the Backpack with Laptop Sleeve should be waterproof. Especially due to the technical devices in the interior, such as charging cables, notebooks or accessories. Especially in combination with waterproof Aquaguard zippers you are on the secure and give rain and splash water no chance to get into the interior.

Business Backpack for Laptop up to 15 inches

A high-quality Business Backpack must meet some requirements as described. It must be stable and high quality, durable and practical. All the better if it is visually appealing and made of a material that can withstand resistance on the way to work. Backpacks with laptop compartments are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. The classic leather Backpack that business people simply swing on their Backs or the modern Bags for hanging around: we have the right model for your taste. The choice of colours and styles is similar. The most popular models are Laptop Backpacks with 13 and 15 inches. Since 13 inch laptops find a stable hold in larger notebook cases even without problems, it is no problem if a smaller device or tablet is transported in the 15 inch laptop sleeve. It's important to remember, however, that the size of a Business Backpack with a laptop compartment should be precisely tailored to the needs of your working life. This includes enough storage space for documents and folders of size DIN A4.

Functional tools for everyday business

Business Backpacks feature practical extras that bring comfort into everyday working life. Many models have a padded laptop compartment with a separate tablet pocket so that all technical equipment can be safely stowed away after work. The models at MAJIC are also frequently equipped with side compartments in which wallets and other items can be conveniently stored. Some brands also score points with hidden zip pockets for smartphones. An attractive laptop backpack has to withstand everyday life between home, work and office. High-quality materials such as polyester, leather or cotton are tear-resistant and durable. However, a pleasant wearing comfort is at least as important. This is particularly supported by padded shoulder straps and an ergonomic back section. Business Backpacks with laptop compartment are equipped with flexible straps, especially on the unisex models, which allow them to be individually adjusted to your own body size. Further practical functions are relieving hip belts and chest belts especially for cyclists. This makes the Laptop Backpack particularly comfortable to carry.

Manufacturers of Laptop Backpacks

Business Backpacks with laptop sleeve are for example manufactured by designers such as QWSTION or Sandqvist, who deal precisely with the everyday demands of business people. Brand quality is essential when it comes to finding a reliable companion in the world of business, where elegance and a confident appearance are particularly important. The functional Laptop Backpack is the perfect addition to everyday life in the office or university. For those who want to present themselves professionally in a uniform look, a classic versions are often not enough. Thanks to its serious design and practical functions, a Business Backpack is the right alternative to present yourself professionally in terms of your working materials.

Other typical functions:

- Compartments with magnetic closure
- Secret pocket for valuables
- padded laptop sleeve with separate tablet compartment
- ergonomic back parts with optimized shoulder straps

The Business Backpack with Laptop Sleeve has long since become socially acceptable due to its practical functions. Unlike the classic work bag, a high-quality backpack radiates lightness, innovation and style.

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