Eco-friendly Backpacks

Eco Backpacks are extremely well processed in comparison to the cheap and short-lived alternative and usually very durable due to the use of high-quality materials. Vegan Backpacks are particularly popular in the fair fashion scene because they are ideal as everyday companions. If they are used frequently, however, they have to meet some requirements. Whether for university, work or travel, they give you flexibility, are practical and back-friendly. They are often and gladly packed to the brim. But high-quality and vegan backpacks made of recycled materials can withstand a lot. Let MAJIC be your part of our brand variety, like Sandqvist, Bellroy or QWSTION.

More about Eco-friendly Backpacks

Water-repellent finishes optimally protect your valuables from moisture. Adjustable and tear-resistant straps adapt to the back and the thickness of the clothing and give you a comfortable wearing feeling. Whatever you have in mind, with a sustainable Backpack you are always well advised and rely on quality and longevity. If you want to buy a Eco-friendly Backpack, you should pay attention to resource-saving production, social standards and good quality. sustainability is also characterized by a long durability of fair fashion. A high-quality Eco Backpack can serve you faithfully for up to 15 years. They are reliable, stylish helpers with high everyday use. But what makes a Backpack Vegan? And how can you recognize fair fashion at all?

Vegan Backpacks - Watch your ecological footprint

First of all it is similar to Fair Fashion products in general with Eco-friendly Backpacks. Basically they are free of all toxins. They have not been treated with unnecessary chemicals, which is not only good for the environment but also for your health, because you probably use your Backpack regularly. Therefore a Sustainable Backpack is not only suitable for environmentally conscious people, but also for allergy sufferers. Toxic substances such as bleaching agents are completely avoided and instead of chemical colours vegetable colours are used. These organic colours are used for various materials, such as cotton or vegetable-tanned leather and produce particularly natural and strong tones.

When producing a Vegan Backpack, fair and social conditions of the workers as well as fair wages and environmental protection are given priority. The applicable guidelines are monitored by independent organisations. A well-known seal giver for fair fashion and Eco-friendly Backpacks are for example the Fair Wear Foundation, Fairtrade or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). They guarantee the cultivation and processing of certified organic cotton. Regular controls ensure compliance with these standards. The seals or labels of such institutions make sustainable fashion recognisable for you. Last but not least, sustainable backpacks stand for transparency. Upcycling or recycling is another criterion for environmental awareness and sustainability. A Backpack made of recycled material protects the resources of the environment in its production, as less new polyester has to be produced for production. For example, recycled PET bottles are used in the production of some backpacks. In keeping with the motto: More sustainable fashion = less unnecessary waste.

Top brands for sustainable Backpacks

Eco Backpacks can be found among well-known manufacturers such as Sandqvist, Vanook, Bellroy or QWSTION, which are of course available in the extensive assortment at MAJIC. Vegan Backpacks of the Swedish label Sandqvist for example are made of organic cotton or canvas. Long-lasting models are also made from plant-tanned leather or recycled polyester. And if newly manufactured materials have been used for an sustainable backpack from Sandqvist, these come from controlled organic cultivation or from a recycled material mix. As an additional statement against the throw-away culture of fast fashion, the brand offers a repair service. This gives you the opportunity to have your backpack repaired in the case of a defect and you don't have to buy a new one right away.

The two designers and founders of VANOOK manufacture Bags, Wallets and Laptop Backpacks by hand. Only materials from the surrounding area are used for the puristic, highly functional models. The Munich duo uses tanned leather from the Allgäu and fittings from Italy.

The multifunctional and sustainable backpacks from the Swiss company QWSTION are characterised by their minimalist design and high functionality for everyday use. They are produced in China, but according to European standards. The use of natural materials such as linen, wool or cotton distinguishes a vegan backpack. Some GOTS cotton is coated in an environmentally friendly way to ensure water-repellent properties. To further protect the environment, this label also produces recycled backpacks. The leather is optically timeless, vegetable tanned and of high quality. The Swiss label is particularly well-known and popular for its Convertible Backpacks.

All these criteria make your new backpack Eco-friendly. You don't have to compromise on the stylish design. Our top brands combine simple elegance with everyday functionality and robustness. Be inspired by the selection at MAJIC and find your Eco Backpack here.

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