Waterproof Backpacks

You are often on foot and on your bike and that in wind and weather? Then you need a Water resistant Backpack, because the rainwater should not get into the inner space of the Backpack. Now it is not so easy to find the right waterproof Daypack. You must pay special attention to quality and of course the water-repellent Laptop Backpack must be flawlessly processed. Explore our assortment on MAJIC and find the best models with highest workmanship and reliable waterproofness. The company Rains, Sandqvist, Cote et Ciel and QWSTION produce really good waterproof Daypacks for everyday use.

More about Waterproof Backpacks

If the backpack is waterproof, the laptop stays dry

The Laptop-Backpack is made for the office and provides plenty of space for your laptop, folders, organizer and last but not least a water bottle. For everyday use a waterproof Backpack is indispensable, because nowadays many businesspeople cycle to work on their bicycles in the rain. Here the laptop compartment is rainproof and safe from bumps. It is padded and ideal with a size of laptops up to 15 inches. waterproof Office Backpacks surely consist of main compartments, such as a tablet-compartment and several small pockets in which mobile phone, pens and other utensils find their place. Each water resistant Backpack is comfortable for women and men. The carrying straps are padded and a reinforced bottom provides good stability.

A waterproof backpack for flexible everyday use

It is especially practical for strolling through the city, because maybe you want to buy a few things and want to prevent, that the goods get wet. Waterproof materials or coatings in combination with high-quality workmanship make the Backpack rainproof and free you from worries about the weather. The variety of models ranges from stylish variants for the city, over rugged outdoor Backpacks, to College Backpacks. Even if the weather forecast is bad, meeting up with friends for shopping or having lunch is no problem with a waterproof Roll Top Backpack on your Back. You can even combine the mostly Eco-friendly Backpacks with all possible Outfits. At MAJIC you'll find designs that look great with casual clothing as well as styles that go with classic blazers. Of course you can also buy a waterproof Seabag with shoulder straps - it is an eye-catcher in the city as well as on a hiking holiday. Waterproof Daypacks for ladies are usually slightly smaller than the models for men. However, unisex solutions often offer enough storage space and are therefore an ideal compromise.

With a Roll Top Backpack with Waterproof Materials, you always have both hands free, which is especially convenient for cyclists. Should the Backpack be black and waterproof? Then we recommend the Rains Backpack Black, which is popular with men and women alike - it is available in all colours. Some models are also equipped with handles, so they can be converted into a handbag in no time at all. Such Convertible Backpacks are especially popular in everyday working life.

Rain resistant companion for sports activities

For your leisure time, a waterproof Backpack is a must - padded shoulder straps ensure that nothing pinches or rubs. You can store all kinds of things here and there are even models that can easily hold 30 litres. On the way to the swimming pool or the gym, towels and sportswear can be stored easily.

If the Rolltop is Waterproof - cleaning is easy

Before buying a water resistant Backpack, you should always pay attention to quality. Extensive product descriptions and articles about the brands will give you valuable information. Waterproof Daypacks should never be placed in the washing machine or tumble dryer. If it gets wet from the inside, you should stuff it with newspaper and let it dry. If the model is made of synthetic material, the Backpack can be dried easily and dirt can easily be removed with a little water and a brush. In addition, zippers can be sprayed with some silicone spray more often, making it easier to open and close again.

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