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The Messenger Bag looks back on a long history. Already in the 19th century, the first so-called messenger bags were used by postmen because they offered a lot of storage space and were comfortable to carry. These two advantages still convince 150 years later and make the Messenger-Bags popular and stylish companions for university or work. At MAJIC you will also find classic models such as Sandqvist or Filson, starting with modern messengers from QWSTION, Rains and Bellroy. They offer you a functional interior that is precisely adapted to the needs of everyday urban working life. Find your new Office Bag now. Learn more...

More about Messenger Bags

What is a messenger bag

Messenger Bags are one of the most popular bags for men. Its practical nature makes it a popular alternative to the backpack. Messenger Bags have their origin in the courier service. That is why it has the alternative name courier bag. There they were used, because the kind of bag allows a very fast access to the contents, without taking them of. This practical and time-saving feature subsequently became increasingly popular for private use.

In most cases, messenger bags have a rectangular shape, are spacious and flat. They are carried comfortably over the shoulder with a long carrying strap. The courier bags are often closed with a flap or zipper. Messenger Bags are useful both for work and leisure and allow you to carry your luggage comfortably and stylishly.

The advantages of Messenger Bags

The biggest advantage of a messenger bag is, as already mentioned above, the possibility to quickly access the contents of the bag without having to take them off. This allows maximum flexibility in everyday life, for university or work. It is also practical that documents, folders and a notebook can be stored in the usually rectangular format of the bags. Almost all courier bags now have their own padded notebook compartment and other small compartments for cables and accessories.

Another advantage of Messenger Bags is the possibility to carry the bag forward and to protect it in the crowd of the city centre. There's no better way to avoid pickpockets. If you carry the courier bag across your chest to the back, your hands are free and the weight is optimally shifted.

Because the hands are free when carrying a courier bag, it is suitable for almost any everyday situation. On your bike, on a shopping tour in the city or on the bus or train, the messenger bag doesn't hinder you and lets you access the content quickly. The urban shoulder bags are therefore ideal for both leisure and office use.

Materials and Styles

Messenger Bags are available in many different styles, colors and materials. Especially the choice of materials is important when buying, because of course the different materials also have different advantages and disadvantages. In the following section we offer a small overview:

Canvas / Cotton

Besides leather, cotton is the most popular material for bags. The special canvas weave pattern is used very often. It has the advantage that the fabric becomes very resistant and is characterised by its great resilience. "Normal" cotton is more flexible and not as stiff as canvas.

A disadvantage of cotton and canvas is its water permeability. Canvas is water-repellent, but in very heavy rain the material can also soak. To counteract this, fashion labels are using more and more modern coatings that completely seal the fabric and thus eliminate the weak point of the material. In addition, cotton and canvas are slightly heavier than, for example, synthetic materials, but they also look better.


Many messenger bags are also made of leather. Cowhide is often used for this and calfskin for particularly high-quality bags. The popular leather look is timeless, durable and robust. It is easy to clean, but like canvas it is not waterproof without additional coating or impregnation.

With leather it is very important to pay attention to the tanning. A distinction is made between vegetable tanning and chrome tanning. Vegetable tanned leather is a little more expensive, but should be chosen without fail. Cheap leather from chrome tanning is not only very harmful to the environment during production, but can also contain residues of toxic, carcinogenic chrome compounds.

Synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester

Synthetic materials are also increasingly being used for messenger bags. The most common are nylon, polyester or polyurethanes. The latter two have the great advantage that in combination they are completely waterproof. Nylon is not waterproof, but much lighter and more flexible (nylon bags can be folded small). As a rule, synthetic substances are always significantly lighter than organic ones. In addition, nylon and polyester are also very tear-resistant, resistant and very easy to clean. Not everyone likes the synthetic look, but it offers some advantages and is often cheaper.

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