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The toilet bag is the most important companion for every holiday or business trip. However, toiletries bags have become much more than just a useful object. At MAJIC you will find a wide range of travel accessories for men and women, from designer toilet bags to functional hanging bags. As a practical and space-saving storage place for your cosmetic and care products, you are ideally prepared for every journey. Mehr erfahren…

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At MAJIC you will find toilet bags for men, as well as unisex models for men and women. In addition to masculine travel accessories with classic designs and fine materials for the dynamic businessman, the functional wash bags are also very popular. These convince with practical materials or surface coatings and intelligent equipment features. Especially before business trips and weekend trips, when planning your luggage you first think of hygiene products as well as care and cosmetics.

With the growing trend towards men's care, a large toilet bag is particularly suitable. In addition to the capacity, the functionality of the interior should of course also be considered - because if one cannot use one when travelling, then it is spilled creams, pomades or perfumes. Many manufacturers have adapted to the demands of frequent travelers, which is why men's toilet bags have received more and more features over time.

Functional toiletries bags that make every journey easier

In addition to the design, a cosmetic bag should be particularly practical. Starting with an interior that offers various compartments for your utensils, net compartments and zipped compartments in the wash bag are particularly popular. Most of our men's toiletries bags can be fully opened through their clever zipper opening, similar to a suitcase. This not only makes it easier to store, but also gives you an excellent overview and quick access to your care articles. Some of our manufacturers even offer models with a built-in transparent plastic bag in the interior so that your toilet bag can also be taken on board an airplane. This makes you ideally prepared for any security check at the airport and also prevents personal hygiene from leaking.

Culture bag to hang

As the demands of travellers in terms of functionality have grown continuously, the fashion brands have come up with new extras over time. Hanging toilet bags are one of the most practical solutions for any bathroom, whether at home or in a hotel room. Here a net pocket in the travel cosmetic bag ensures that your care utensils cannot fall out in the hanging state, but always stay firmly in place. Most hanging washbags can be easily attached anywhere in the bathroom using a bracket. Outer straps and handles provide additional handiness on the road.

Materials and brands of the most popular toilet bags

Of course, the choice of material plays a very important role in toiletry bags. Since the personal travel companion is exposed to frequent contact with water, water-repellent surfaces are particularly suitable for everyday use. Materials such as polyurethane and polyester (which are water-resistant as standard) can also be used to keep the interior of cultivation bags dry. Many brands use fine materials such as cotton, canvas or leather and coat them with a water-repellent coating or impregnation when manufacturing their washbags.

Especially models made of cotton or waxed canvas, like the brand Filson or Sandqvist are popular with stylish businessmen. This look can be complemented particularly well by details made of vegetable tanned leather and ensures a harmonious and tasteful overall appearance. Another positive effect of noble designer culture bags is that they can usually be combined particularly well with other luggage such as briefcases, weekenders or messenger bags. If you don't like the classic models and are looking for a more modern design, you will soon find them at Qwstion. They have high-quality organic cotton and a PU coating with water-repellent properties.

Men's washbags made of polyester are suitable for people who like it uncomplicated. Herschel toilet bags, for example, convince with functional simplicity, clever features and creative colour selection. The smooth materials can be easily cleaned inside and outside with a wet sponge and therefore always look like new with regular care.

The French brand Cote et Ciel offers the most futuristic toilet bags for men and women. You will find an excellent balance between modern design and functional creativity. Due to the plastic bags that can be pulled out today, which are processed as standard in the interior, every toilet bag can be carried in the aircraft. Furthermore, the modern wash bags have water-repellent zippers.

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