Tote Bags

Tote Bags are particularly suitable for the city or for shopping. The spacious Bags offer a lot of space and are carried stylishly in the hand or over the shoulder. At MAJIC you will find an exclusive assortment of Tote Bags from modern brands, like Qwstion, Bellroy or Sandqvist. Their high-quality and robust material easily withstands everyday wear and tear. The rainproof Tote Bags by Rains are also ideally suited for bad weather, while the Filson Bags are particularly impressive for their durability and elegant design. Make your everyday life a little easier and find your new companion for city and leisure right now.

More about Tote Bags

What is a tote bag?

Dead bags are gaining popularity from year to year. The popular carrier bags convince by modern design, practical format and their various application possibilities. But what exactly is the definition of a dead bag?

The name Tote-Bag comes from the English verb "tote" and says a lot about the application. Dead bags are usually carried with the long handles in the hand, but can also be placed over the shoulder. In terms of format, Totes are very reminiscent of the classic jute bags, which have established themselves as a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags.

Unlike jute bags, modern tote bags have different compartments, inside pockets and can be closed in most cases.

Advantages of a tote bag

Tote bags are ideal for everyday use and can be used perfectly in leisure time, at work or at university. While carrier bags used to be popular with women, more and more men are discovering the advantages of a tote bag. For example, the upright format is ideal for folders, documents and a notebook.

Tote bags are particularly popular for shopping or shopping in the city. The spacious interior as well as the possibility to carry the bag over the shoulder are ideal for this.

More and more brands are also releasing multifunctional tote bags that can be converted into a backpack in just a few easy steps. Among other things, the bags from Qwstion or Bellroy combine the advantages of a tote bag with those of a backpack.

Materials and styles

Like other types of bags, tote bags are also available in high-quality leather, fabric or synthetic materials. Depending on personal taste and purpose of the bag. In the following we will go into the different materials of the Tote Bags at MAJIC in more detail.

Leather tote bags

Tote bags in leather usually look nobler and higher quality than the alternatives made of fabric and synthetics. However, you should make sure that the bag is made of vegetable tanned leather. Leather from chrome tanning can contain traces of highly toxic substances and is very damaging to the environment in production. If you want to know more about leather, you can also read our detailed article.

The advantages of leather are not only its elegant appearance, but also the durability and robustness of the material. However, leather without coating is often permeable to water and requires regular care. On the positive side, age often has a positive effect on the exterior and gives the leather its very own look.

Tote bags made of fabric

Canvas fabric is most commonly used for tote bags. These are natural fibres (mostly cotton) which have been woven particularly firmly using a special process. This offers several advantages over conventional cotton. This makes the fabric significantly more tear-resistant and resistant. Canvas is also water-repellent and is therefore often used for bags and accessories.

A disadvantage is the relatively high weight. Canvas is also not completely waterproof and can soak in heavy rain. Usually a tote bag made of fabric is perfect for everyday use.

Synthetic materials

Besides tote bags made of leather and fabric, there are also carrier bags made of synthetic materials. Nylon and canvas are used most frequently.

While nylon is particularly convincing due to its enormous lightness, polyester is even completely waterproof when blended with polyurethanes. Both materials are very stable and tear-resistant. Nylon bags have the additional advantage that they can be folded very small. A disadvantage is that nylon can easily discolour in the sun. Compared to canvas and leather, tote bags made of synthetic materials are often cheaper. The appearance is very different and varied.

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