A Weekender Bag is ideal for city trips, on the way to the gym or even for work. They are true all-rounders and available in all colours and materials. While leather Weekender look more elegant, nylon bags convince with their lightness and models made of waxed cotton with their durability. MAJIC offers a large selection of international brands such as Rains, Filson, Sandqvist, Bellroy and many more. The size of most Weekender Bags is ideal to take with you as hand luggage on the plane. Get inspired now by all Bags at MAJIC. Learn more...

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What is a Weekender Bag?

Weekender bags have become significantly more popular in recent years. While some time ago only briefcases and Messenger were designed for men, nowadays men wear the so-called Weekender Bags more and more frequently.It features a very spacious main compartment and the classic carrying handles. Weekenders can be carried either with the handles in the hand or with a detachable shoulder strap and armroom. As their name suggests, Weekender bags are ideal for weekend trips or short breaks. Everything you need for a shorter stay fits in. In addition, weekenders are the perfect size for carry-on luggage on the plane.

Advantages of a Weekender Bag

In contrast to other types of bags for men, a weekender fits significantly more content. The large main compartment usually offers a lot of storage space. While other bags are more useful for organization due to a wide range of different compartments and outside pockets, weekenders are more limited to essentials but have more space.

Another advantage of Weekender bags is the stylish appearance of the bags. Whether stylishly carried in the hand or loosely thrown over the shoulder, they look elegant and timeless.

Weekenders are perfect for travel. Everything important for a short holiday fits in and should the holiday be a little longer, the men's bags can also be used ideally as hand luggage in addition to the suitcase.

Sporty versions of Weekender bags are often referred to as duffle bags. Unfortunately, there is no perfect distinction between the two types of bags, as each brand has a different definition. For example, for the Filson brand, there are only Duffle bags, but in three different sizes. For the Swiss brand Qwstion there is no duffle bag, but in addition to the Weekender there is also a slightly smaller Overnighter. However, duffle bags are often sportier and slightly smaller, making them perfect for the gym or a day out.

Styles and materials

Weekenders are available in numerous different colour, shape and material combinations. Of course, as with products for men, darker colours are the most popular. The colours black, dark blue, brown or dark green are the most common choice.

There are also considerable differences in size. From the small sports bag to the large travel bag, you will find everything in the Weekender category at MAJIC.

Leather, canvas or synthetic materials are used for the material of Weekender Bags. In the following section we explain the differences and the advantages and disadvantages.

Leather Weekender Bags

Weekender bags made of leather or imitation leather look the most elegant. The advantages are the timeless appearance, the high resistance of the material and its longevity. Leather bags age very well and, depending on personal taste, ageing also has a positive influence on the leather.

However, leather weekenders must be maintained regularly to prevent the material from becoming too dry or brittle. In addition, leather bags without impregnation are water-permeable. Therefore, you should make sure when buying that if water resistance is important to you, you choose a bag with coated leather. Alternatively, you can impregnate the bag yourself.

For leather bags, make sure vegetable-tanned leather has been used. Leather from chrome tanning is not only very harmful to the environment during production, but can also contain highly toxic residues.

Weekender Bags from Canvas

Canvas is a special woven pattern of cotton that is extremely durable. The fabric can also withstand high weights and is very resilient. In addition, the canvas fabric is also water-repellent. The material is often used for accessories because of its strength. On the other hand, it is not suitable for clothing because of its stiffness.

The disadvantage of canvas is its relatively high dead weight. In addition, just like leather, it is not completely waterproof without additional coating and can soak in very heavy rain.

Weekender from Synthetics

A modern alternative to canvas and leather are synthetic fabrics. Nylon or polyester is used most frequently. The biggest advantage of synthetic materials over their organic competitors is their low weight and high resistance. Nylon in particular is ultralight, flexible and yet tear-resistant. Unlike polyurethanes, polyester is completely waterproof and is therefore also used for the production of rubber boots.

Nylon has the disadvantage that the fabric is not waterproof. In addition, synthetic materials usually look sportier and less elegant than canvas or leather alternatives.

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