Baxter of California

Baxter of California is a care brand for self-aware men who are only satisfied with the best. Founder Finley Baxter laid the foundation for the Californian label in Beverly Hills in 1965. He was dissatisfied with the range of men’s care products and therefore decided to make his own dream products from natural and highly effective ingredients. Since then, the brand offers a wide range of men's cosmetics tailored to the needs of men's skin and hair. Having started with facial care products designed for somewhat thicker men’s skin, to shaving accessories to styling products, such as pomades, Baxter of California offers everything related to men’s care. Especially in recent years, an attractive and well groomed appearance has become increasingly important in the men's world, making the Californian label more famous in Germany. Baxter of California will allow you to experience unique freshness during your daily grooming ritual.

Baxter of California travel kit
Daily feeling of freshness
Baxter of California stands for unique men’s care. Natural and greatly effective active ingredients such as citrus, musk or bergamot give you a daily feeling of freshness.
grooming products by Baxter of California
Complete package for your care
High quality care for the face, hair and whole body. Baxter of California knows exactly what men's skin care needs are and offers the right product for every situation.
grooming products by Baxter of California
California lifestyle
Natural ingredients meet modern product design The traditional American brand conveys a Californian lifestyle and turns your bathroom into a barbershop.
Baxter of California

Baxter of California - A success story

The care label had its beginnings in the 60s, with the brand’s founder, Finley Baxter. On a trip to Los Angeles, he discovered that his skin was suffering and severely damaged by the constant sun and seawater.

He unsuccessfully searched for a suitable care product, thus recognising a gap in the market. At this time, only cosmetic products for women were available, which did not meet the requirements of male consumers. As a result, Finley founded Baxter of California to meet the specific needs of men's skin.

Baxter of California was revived in 2000 by Jean-Pierre Mastey. Through its more modern approach, the company has become the well established and popular men's care label it is today. The reason for the success of Baxter of California is that it is an authentic men’s care brand that is tailored to the needs of men. The simple and refined design rounds out the overall picture of the care products.

Baxter of California consequently expanded its success in Germany and Europe, quickly finding loyal supporters.

Your personal style

Each man writes his own story. The carefully selected Baxter of California men's care products have been designed so that every man can be himself on this journey.

The days when care products such as conditioners, lotions and facial care were exclusively for women are long over. The modern man knows that a well groomed appearance is the business card of his personality and can contribute not insignificantly to his personal success. Even Hollywood greats now swear by the products of the Californian company.

In addition to the original skin cream with which its success began, Baxter of California's range of products now includes a diverse selection of lotions, shampoos, hair styling products such as pomades, shaving accessories and lifestyle accessories.

Baxter of California Pomades

A pomade is perfect for the man whose hairstyle should look the same as he designed it at the beginning of the day all day long. It is basically suitable for every hair type.

The Pomade by Baxter of California provides a flexible, strong hold for your daily hairstyle and is the perfect companion to care for your hair and make you look healthy. To meet the needs of the widest variety of hairstyles, whether short or long, Baxter of California diversifies its products in this area Two particularly popular products are the cream and the clay pomade.

The Baxter of California Cream Pomade provides light strength with reliable hold. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to use, easy to incorporate into the hair and easier to comb, making it perfect for casual styles.

The Baxter of California Clay Pomade in contrast offers a stronger hold but also without sticking. Furthermore, it contains the finest beeswax for optimal hair care. It is possible to achieve a variety of hairstyles with a single pomade. You can also mix and match them with other Baxter of California pomades to create your own individual look.

The application is uniform and simple. Rub the pomade between the fingers until it is warm and soft. Then work the pomade into your towel-dried or dry hair with your hands and then shape your hair as desired with your hands or a comb.

Naturally selected ingredients

Since the founding in 1965, Baxter of California has placed great value on high quality processing as well as natural and herbal ingredients. Jean-Pierre combined this with intelligent high-tech skincare technologies to achieve an improved effect for the care ingredients, during shaving, anti-aging treatment and cleaning.

Vitamins from eucalyptus, pomegranate and pear ensure fast regeneration of the skin. Finley Baxter quickly realized that the brand should not have any chemical additives. He was of the opinion that these should not form any part of skincare. To this very day, the products are still free of alcohol, artificial fragrances and phenols. Finley created his products using natural raw materials such as coconut, tea tree oil, aloe vera and ginseng, thus fully relying on the power of nature.

After the great success of Baxter Finley Barber Shop in Los Angeles, where Baxter of California's in-house care products are used, more and more barber shops and hairdressers are drawing inspiration from the American label's flair and are relying on its styling and shaving products.

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