Looking for an alternative to the thick purse that bulges your pants? Then Bellroy is the place for you. The clearly and slim designed Wallets are designed to fit comfortably into any slim trouser pocket. Each Bellroy Wallet has enough room for all your cards, banknotes and coins, despite its slim design. The Brand is also known for the production of Bags, Messengers and Backpacks. Especially the Office Version with Laptop Compartment are ideal for everyday urban use and cleverly combine minimalist design with functionality. Let yourself be inspired by our wide range on MAJIC and find your new Bellroy Wallet that accompanies you through everyday life now!
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Slim Your Wallet
True to its motto "Slim Your Wallet", Bellroy has been designing uniquely sleek wallets and accessories since its founding in Melbourne in 2010. They cleverly combine benefits with modern design and excellent quality workmanship.
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Functionality in everyday life
Had enough of fat wallets that bulge and make your pockets ugly? The innovative wallets from Bellroy offer you a slim alternative with up to 12 coin compartments and card slots with quick access and RFID protection.
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Timelessly simple design
Bellroy dispenses with unnecessary layers of leather that inflate the wallets. The slim design impresses people worldwide. Simple modernity meets ecologically certified premium leather.
More about Bellroy

Slim wallet instead of baggy trouser pocket

Since the 2000s, fashion and thus also wallets have generally trended to slimmer, more narrow cuts. Slim is in. With respect to Bellroy, this trend certainly leaves no room for thick wallets that leave pockets bulging and ugly. The two founders of the label have their background in the design industry and know exactly what they want. They started out small with a simple and slim wallet. The first Bellroy wallet was born, earning a lot of recognition. After their initial success, they sought more. The founders generally explored all facets of common thick wallets and aimed to produce practical and slim wallets for fashion-conscious men. Since 2010, the Bellroy brand has been producing high quality wallets that offer plenty of storage space but take up as little room in your pocket as possible. The leather goods of the label were very well by the first customers and so the new company from Australia managed to expand rapidly. The product range has been expanded over time and today includes, in addition to wallets, Tote BagsBriefcases, Backpacks, card holders and small leather goods. The brand is meanwhile distributed by over 600 retails worldwide, including Germany, and is thus an international success.

With Bellroy to a better world

Bellroy wants to make life simpler with their wallets. To accomplish this noble goal, they put their heart and soul into the development of their products. The result of this effort is reflected in the outstanding product quality and functionality. It's the little things in life that count. The accessory label creates each Bellroy wallet with the goal to make it the very best. The leather for the wallets has been rated as “gold” according to the standards of the “Leather Working Group”. The premium leather is vegetable tanned and then dyed. Vegetable tanning is an environmentally friendly process that gives leather wallets unique natural properties. Furthermore, the leather obtains superior aging properties compared to leather dyed on its surface. Bellroy stands for quality and sustainability in every respect.

Bellroy wallets - sleek design with a high degree of functionality

The innovative difference of a Bellroy wallet to most common wallets can be quickly recognized by anyone. A glance at the workmanship of the edges again reflects the excellent quality. In most conventional wallets, there is a layer of leather between each card that inflates the wallet unnecessarily. In addition, Bellroy wallets are available with RFID protection, providing a shield against radio waves. if an RFID chip is on one of your NFC credit cards, for example, the RFID protection prevents access to the cards. No physical contact with the card is necessary for such a eavesdropping, as it is accomplished with near field communication (NFC).  Bellroy wallets are characterized by their ‘nude’ approach—no buckles, zippers or buttons are used in these slim wallets. Only the unity of high quality leather and a precise seam produces this uniquely flat design.

Experience the slim wallets from Bellroy best yourself and carry around only as much as you really need. Now we come to the three most popular versions.

Hide and Seek Wallet

The Bellroy Hide and Seek is a classic wallet—just further thought out. The high quality wallet offers space for up to 12 cards with 4 quick access slots and another protected compartment for less frequently used cards. The bill pocket is ideal for unfolded notes even with larger currencies. A secret compartment can also be used for coins, business cards or bills. Bellroy also used vegetable tanned cowhide for the Hide and Seek Wallet.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

The absolute best seller from Bellroy is the Note Sleeve. This slim wallet meets all everyday requirements and is impressive with its clear design, high quality workmanship and sophisticated features. Inside, the wallet has space for up to 11 cards, three of which with quick access. The other cards can be easily removed with a pull-out loop. The Note Sleeve also has a compartment for unfolded banknotes and an additional compartment for business cards and a SIM card. The separate "RFID Protected" version comes with a built-in chip that uses RFID to prevent credit cards from being read. The Bellroy wallet is made of vegetable tanned cowhide and is available from MAJIC in black (black), charcoal (gray), blue steel (blue) and java (brown).

Slim Sleeve Geldbörse

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet is the slimmest wallet in the entire product assortment of the label. It is limited to the essentials and dispenses with all bells and whistles. The slim wallet has two quick access slots and a card compartment with pull tab. Altogether so up to 12 maps can find their place. In another compartment folded bills can be accommodated. The Slim Sleeve is developed in accordance with the “nude design” principle. This means that buckles, zippers and buttons have been omitted. It consists of vegetable tanned cowhide and impresses with its excellent workmanship.

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