Backpacks for College

What should the Best Backpacks for College look like? Backpacks have been developed further and are convincing with their functionality and high quality. Find your new Study Companion in our wide range of College Backpacks. Discover the most popular models from traditional to young labels such as: Herschel, Sandqvist, Qwstion, Rains and many more.

More about Backpacks for College

A good companion for your studies is specially tailored to your intended use. Many factors play a role in the search for the right model. Ideally, it offers intelligent storage space for your notebook or tablet, books and documents. A good interior separation for organisation should of course be given. Below we would like to introduce you to our selection of Stylish Backpacks for College at MAJIC so that you can start your time at University in a relaxed way.

Backpacks for College Students

When looking for a good Student Backpack, there are some points to consider. An important factor is the weather. If you often ride your bike out through the rain and want to be prepared for any kind of weather, the best Waterproof Backpacks for College are by Herschel or Rains.

Then the next important thing is what you carry around with you. If you have a lot of documents with you every day, such as books, a laptop or other equipment, you will need a model with more storage space and a separate laptop compartment.

Finally your personal way, from minimalistic to eye-catching, a Stylish Backpack for College can also be your personal fashion statement. Here at MAJIC you will find a careful selection of student backpacks, from young emerging brands like "Qwstion" as well as established labels like "Sandqvist". They convince with quality and premium materials like plant-tanned leather, robust ripstop (a material made of 100% nylon) or canvas.

The best Backpacks for College are comfortable and multifunctional

It's not very pleasant to carry tons of books, your laptop and a water bottle or other utensils around the campus every day. This is where a good and large Backpack for College comes in, which will make this load easier for you. Ideally it should be ergonomically shaped, have padded shoulder straps and a breathable back pad. The perfect backpack for students should be comfortable to carry even when heavily filled.

Thus it should be exactly tailored to your needs and have various subjects to store all documents for your studies in an orderly way. Of course, this also includes a padded laptop compartment, as well as other functions that make everyday life easier for the owner. A mobile phone compartment with a passage for the headphones or water-repellent material are features that your future College Backpack should also offer. Not only do features like these make your everyday life easier, they also make it easier to get to and from your home. Optically, there are many different variants. A trend for College Backpacks is either classic with zipper, very modern as roll top or top loader inspired variant with cord pull and lid flap. The last-named version is more often found on models with more storage space, such as the "Herschel Little America", which is particularly popular among students.

College Backpack or Messenger Bag?

Why should it be a backpack for your College Time and not a Messenger-Bag? You can argue about this topic but in the end it's up to you. Here at MAJIC you will also find a large selection of bags for your studies, in different designs, suitable for every occasion. However, we want to highlight some of the advantages of the best backpacks for College:

No matter how many items you need to take with you to university, whether it's a laptop or A4 folder, you'll always find the right backpack size with plenty of storage space. No matter if you are cycling to university or in other situations, with a backpack you always have both hands free to interact with your environment. But the decisive advantage is the relief of the back. With all the books, blocks and Notebook, you need for your lectures, you can put a few pounds together. Sitting in front of your laptop or books for hours on end already puts a strain on your back. A bag also puts a strain on your back, which will definitely affect your posture. A good College Backpack that distributes the weight evenly on your shoulders and stores heavy objects (like a laptop) close to your back can take a lot of weight off your back! The weight feels even lighter on both shoulders than on a bag with a simple shoulder strap.

The right backpack label - fashionable and practical at the same time

After the Backpack has led a niche existence for a long time, this is again very popular. Some fashion labels have recognized this trend and have already established themselves. There are also Stylish College Backpacks specially designed for students. The different labels offer a wide range of designs, colours and sizes so you can find the one to suit your personal style and requirements. Below we'll briefly introduce you to a few young, modern labels. Very popular are the Herschel models, which, for example, with their simple and classic "Heritage" design are based on the "Eastpack" of the 90s, but convince with more robust materials, laptop compartment as well as high wearing comfort and high quality. Thanks to their water-repellent material, Rains-Backpacks are ideal for accompanying you through the day, no matter what weather, you are prepared for any situation. A Sandqvist Backpack convinces with its uncompromising quality, robust material and typical Scandinavian design.

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