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Are you looking for a Backpack-Bag-2-in-1 that adapts ideally to your needs and everyday situations? With a Convertible Backpack from Brands like QWSTION, Sandqvist or Rains you are perfectly prepared for the demands of modern nomadic life. Especially in everyday life, as well as on the way to work, the functional convertible Backpack is incredibly practical and well thought-out. Depending on the situation you can carry it e.g. in the office as a business bag and for the following way home the bag can be converted into a backpack. Learn more...

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How a backpack bag 2-in-1 makes your everyday life easier:

Finding a suitable travel companion that meets our needs is not an easy task. Different everyday situations require different demands. Whether for the office, the next excursion or a trip into the countryside. A pragmatic solution in this case is a backpack bag 2 in 1, which can be converted into a backpack in a few easy steps, making the bag portable and vice versa. Within seconds the shoulder straps are pulled out of the outer pocket and fastened at the lower end.

This gives you the flexibility to carry your handbag as a backpack, which is especially practical for longer walks or cycling. In addition to the two carrying options, the innovative transport option naturally offers you further advantages. Enjoy the mobile benefits of a practical backpack and the functionality of a messenger bag with a 2-in-1 backpack bag. Each backpack-bag combination at MAJIC has a padded laptop compartment, separate compartments for DIN A4 documents, inner pockets and outer compartments with quick access. To make sure that you can travel comfortably on longer journeys, most of our labels naturally integrate a padded back section and ergonomic shoulder straps. Our bags backpacks are designed for different areas in terms of size and design. For example, a business bag with a backpack function like the Qwstion brand is ideal for work. A spacious rucksack bag combination from Sandqvist with integrated shoe compartment is ideal for travelling or longer trips.

Convert the bag into a backpack

A bag that can also be carried as a backpack only serves its purpose, of course, if the conversion is uncomplicated and fast. For this reason, the various labels make "converting" as simple as possible. So that you can easily convert your bag into a backpack at the first attempt, we now explain the procedure for the most common models:

Snap hook locking system

In most cases, the shoulder straps for the backpack function are located in a separate outer compartment on the back. The upper part of the straps is sewn firmly to the backpack bag 2-in-1. The visible part can therefore simply be stowed away in the outer compartment and pulled out. At the bottom of the backpack shoulder bag combination are loops of metal or fabric on both sides. The snap hooks at the bottom of the shoulder straps can thus be connected by simply hooking into the loops at the bottom of the bag. Some manufacturers process their bag with backpack function for design reasons so that the shoulder straps can be completely removed and stored inside.

Leather strap closure system

Leather straps are particularly popular for models with a vintage look. Here it needs a little more dexterity, because the needle has to be inserted into the eyelet more elaborately than with the snap hook. If, for example, you want to go to the office by bicycle and now want to convert the bag into a backpack, the two lower straps with the eyelets must be inserted separately from the upper straps from below into the outside compartment provided for this purpose. Here it is very rarely possible to loosen the lower strap completely, as it is usually sewn on firmly. The same principle applies to the upper part of the belt with the buckle and the needle. When converting from backpack to bag, the strap must be pushed into the upper opening of the outer compartment to hide it.

What to consider when buying the backpack bag 2 in 1

The first question to ask yourself before buying is: What does my everyday life look like and what exactly do I need my combi backpack bag for? For the office, university, leisure time or for travelling etc...?

The models from Qwstion or Bellroy are particularly suitable for everyday work or university life. They convince with functionality and an orderly interior that is tailored precisely to the requirements of everyday office life. Especially in the office it makes sense to have a backpack and bag at the same time. On your way there and back, you'll benefit from the practical advantages of a comfortable backpack, and while you're at work, you'll be sure of style with a stylish messenger bag. Of course you will find a laptop compartment, document compartments and various inside and outside pockets for e.g. your smartphone, keys or wallets in every interior. If you are looking for a backpack bag 2 in 1 for sports activities, outdoor or travelling, then the brand Sandqvist or GEAR3 is particularly recommended. Storage space in particular is an important criterion here. You should make sure that large models in particular have comfortable and padded shoulder straps. Highly recommended for travelling are models that offer you a separate compartment in the interior, for example for your clothes or shoes.

Materials for the Backpack Bag Combi

In addition to functional aspects, the question of material is above all a design question. Water-repellent materials and coatings are particularly popular for backpack/bag combinations. This can be very helpful especially in rainy urban areas and keeps the inside of your bag dry at all times. A classic water-repellent material used by the rucksack and bag label Rains is polyurethane. Canvas and leather are also very popular, which are often coated with a water-repellent coating.

Backpack Bag 2-in-1
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