Cote et Ciel

Cote et Ciel is not just an ordinary label for accessories. The brand designs Backpack, Messenger Bags and Bags with architectural shapes, the most modern materials and a progressive use of space. In 2008, the fashion label was founded by a group of creative minds in the Marais District of Paris. Since then they have been developing the backpack for modern urban nomads under the name “Côte & Ciel”. The combination of functionality and futuristic design makes the backpacks of the label with French roots sought after among fashion connoisseurs. One of the first creations and at the same time the most popular model is the Cote et Ciel Isar Backpack. Stephan Wembacher is one of the co-founders and reports that the office of the bag label often looks like an architect’s office. Through the expansion into the US and Hong Kong, a close cooperation with Apple developed, during which Cote et Ciel designed various laptop and iPad sleeves in neopren style for the high-tech company. Let yourself be inspired by the brand and find your new favorite Backpack for the Office and everyday use on the go.

Cote et Ciel backpack material
Inspired by architecture
The backpacks and bags of Côte et Ciel are reminiscent of modern architecture. Minimalism, clean lines and high functionality characterize the design of the French brand.
Cote et Ciel Rucksack Kapuze
High functionality
Côte & Ciel products are designed for urban use. Therefore, the backpacks also impress through protected notebook compartments, padded shoulder straps and, in the case of the Nile Model, even with its own hood.
Cote et Ciel Tasche
No compromise on processing
Longevity is ensured by the use of durable materials and uncompromising workmanship. Even in bad weather, the contents remain dry through the water-repellent coating.
More about Côte&Ciel

Urban fashion from France

The brand Cote et Ciel is a fresh young label. The French brand was founded in 2008 and, from its offices in Paris, designed high quality backpacks, bags and accessories. They were developed in the District of Marais, a trendy Parisian district. The founders were concerned above all with producing the most high-quality accessories possible. The results of their production are geared primarily for modern urban nomads. It's all about producing the practical benefits of accessories that are at once stylish. At Cote & Ciel, it is important that space is also used. At the same time, items should be minimalist as well as intuitive. The creators have consumers in mind who make a true design statement when carrying backpacksand bags. The stated target group is the new group of creative minds of the 21st century; the people who do their job on the go and feel this is the way it should be. Cote & Ciel produces unique items for just such people. These include great items, such as the Isar Backpack or the Nile Backpack. The brand also produces bags, like the Isarau Cross Body Models or Toilet Bags. A critical goal especially at the time of the foundation was to produce high quality accessories for smart phones. They also refer to it as “haute couture” for the smart phone. Tablets and laptops are also involved. The brand is therefore clearly oriented on the trends of the times and very interested in developing something of its own. So they combine special fabrics with impressive decorative elements, but never forget the practical. The fact that the products are also user-friendly is an essential part of the brand.

It is said that the products close around the technical devices just like a second skin, affording the owners easy access and even more relaxed handling through practical features. Cote et Ciel, like the label itself, is French. Translated into English, the name means "coast and sky". The name plays with just how important nature is to Cote et Ciel. The brand admires the primordial forces of nature. This is where the designers find a large part of their inspiration. The coast and the sky are here interior and the exterior, the form and the formless. The brand equates opposites, excludes nothing, is open-minded and creates the new. It believes that new worlds can emerge where opposing elements meet. And it has been proven right. That the creative minds at Cote&Ciel find their inspiration in there is evident in the designs that arise. You often see contrasts that merge with ease into completely new products. If you view the name of the label not only in the literally but figuratively, you soon realize the phrase behind it: beyond the horizon. This English translation well reveals this meaning. "Beyond the horizon" also fits in very well with Cote & Ciel. People at the company quite deliberately take new steps, leave the old and rigidly defined behind, and, in terms of design, venture out to the absolutely new, if possible, where no one has never gone before.

The founder of Cote et Ciel

The founder of Cote&Ciel is Stephan Wembacher. This name sounds very German, and he is too! Stephan Wembacher is a German, originally from Bavaria, who opened his very first fashion label at the age of 19. At that time, he designed T-shirts and hoodies and was still geared towards skateboarders. This first business venture itself was a success, so some time later he was allowed to design for larger brands such as BMW, Audi and Porsche Mode. His company became more and more successful, so he soon expanded to Hong Kong and the United States. In the US, Wembacher began his cooperation with Apple, developing novel neoprene covers for laptops. He views his new company Cote et Ciel less as an actual company, but rather as a loose association of creative people who have a strong propensity for high quality accessories and fashion.

Incidentally, Stephan Wembacher would have liked to become an architect and this is also reflected in his view of his current work. He reports that the buzz in the bag label's studio reminds him of an architect’s office. Here, too, great value is placed on details. It's all about the perfect combination of form, function and, of course, material. Cote & Ciel is more about design and free art than money and business. Emilie is another important face who has been around from the start.

She is the French chief designer. While Wembacher places great value on functionality and high quality materials, Emilie keeps her eye on shape and conception. For her as well as for the company, design is at the top priority of her work. Once a truly wonderful product is created, economic considerations also become important. It has already been suggested: The team behind the French label is international and also comes from very diverse areas. As a result, the specialist areas of the workers there complement each other and there really is something in the product in the end. Entrepreneurs collaborate with graphic designers, and architects with industrial designers and product developers. The team behind the French design label is versatile and has proven in the past that it can do great things by working well together. Of course, it will continue to do so in the future.

Interestingly, the label does not conduct any market research. Although Stephan Wembacher naturally keeps his eye on the market during his frequent travels, he prefers not to carry out current research in this area. Emilie, the chief designer, however, does not even have market research in mind and is far away from any trends in a small Parisian village. The innovation actually comes from the ranks within the institution and above all from the fun the team has playing and experimenting. Cote & Ciel is thus an almost avant-garde brand, which always has the customer in mind. Despite the hip designs, it completely refrains from selling impractical decoration. It's all about the people alone.

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