Derm Ink

The French manufacturer of are products has specialised in cosmetics for tattooed skin. People with tattoos know what intensive care the affected areas of the skin need to heal properly. Environmental influences in particular, such as too much sunlight, can lead to dull areas or fading. Derm Ink is aware of this problem and helps with skin care products specially designed for tattooed skin. Mild cleansing, soaps and balms provide healing and protect the affected areas, leaving the tattoo looking fresh even years later. Of particular importance to the brand is that all ingredients are free of parabens and fragrances and are exclusively of natural origin. Due to the neutral PH value of the products, the tattooed areas are cleansed and maintained very gently. The sun protection factor inherent in the balsam is another positive property. Make sure that your tattoos get the right care and find the right product for yourself now.

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