The North American brand was founded in Seattle marketed the first Filson Backpacks and Bags geared for the outdoors in 1897. Even more than 100 years later, after many corporate takeovers and obstacles, the original values of the outdoor brand have remained the same and its high quality products are more popular than ever. A Filson Bag is not just a bag, but a companion for life. The label uses only the highest quality materials for its Briefcases and Backpacks and manufactures them with precision by hand, so that each product is unique. Waxed cotton and high-quality cowhide combined with functional properties are the company's recipe for success. Since the North American brand is convinced of the uncompromising quality of its products, Filson gives a lifetime warranty. The Accessories are considered indestructible and are no longer intended just for the outdoors as previously. Particularly popular for everyday life or when travelling are the Briefcases and Weekender Bags because of their functionality and sice.

Filson Briefcase Otter Green
Classic American brand
The Filson brand has over 100 years of company history. Initially, founder Clinton C. Filson made accessories for the many gold diggers in Seattle.
Filson bag
Robust and high quality
A Filson bag is characterized by its enormous quality. Through perfected material production and traditional craftsmanship, the products are almost indestructible.
Filson Briefcase Navy
Classic design
The design is still classic today. Nevertheless, Filson has adapted itself to the modern needs of customers with practical accessory and notebook compartments.
More about Filson

Filson briefcases

Filson bags have been around for over 100 years. Originally, Filson started as an outdoor business for gold diggers heading to Seattle in the 19th century. For this reason, in the early days of the company, there were still no buyers or need for briefcases, as the gold diggers were more interested in backpacks and functional clothing. At the end of the 20th century, a ski company acquired the Filson brand and expanded its product range many times over. This was the time when products like high quality briefcases and duffle bags found their way into the product range.

Filson briefcases were a complete success because all the critical details and manufacturing features that made the original products popular were incorporated into the briefcases. The company slogan "Only the best for the customer" has over the years ensured improvement and expansion of the functional bags, so that the label is legitimately to be regarded as one of the biggest global players in the production of high quality bags. The Filson company meanwhile owns more than 12 flagship stores around the world and has also distributed products for many years in Germany. The diverse briefcases by Filson have never altered greatly from the design and have only been adapted slightly in step with the times. The classic look of leather and fabric is one of the main features of the bags. Outside, they are equipped with a special, very robust cotton fabric, which is coated with wax in a complex process. Through this process, all products are water repellent and can be carried even in heavy rain, without the contents getting wet. The special coating makes the cotton fabric significantly more durable, so it does not wear out even after years of extensive use.

Filson duffle bags

It’s no secret that duffle bags have become more and more important in recent years not only in the fashion industry, but also in everyday city life. Originally, they were purely functional bags used by soldiers on military campaigns. The name originally comes from the Belgian city of "Duffel," where they were made for the military and navy, before migrating to Germany. Over 100-years-old, the label recognized the benefits of the duffle bag early on and quickly integrated the bag into its collection. Especially important for the the North American brand in the past, as it is today, is that all products are functional and designed for outdoor use.

Filson opted for a sturdy canvas material for the bags that was durable enough for longer trips and could withstand the effects of nature. The demands placed on the material processing were extremely ambitious for the time. But founder Clinton C. Filson would brook no compromise on quality even then. Of course, a lot has evolved regarding processing and manufacturing over the years. But the main features have stayed the same. For the fabric of the bags, Filson uses an extremely durable cotton, which is waxed for further processing. Through this process, the duffle bag becomes water-repellent and can also be carried in heavy rains. All applications are made of the highest quality bridle leather and are also waxed and additionally treated with oil. The meticulous treatment of the leather ensures that it is extremely durable and insensitive to scratches. Since Filson is more than convinced of its own quality and always puts the customer first, the company guarantees every buyer a lifetime warranty on their purchased bags.

Filson backpacks

In addition to bags and clothing, the long-established company manufactures high quality backpacks. The backpacks of the North American brand impress with their outstanding workmanship and prime materials. The label uses waxed canvas (twill), which guarantees durability thanks to its enormous tear resistance and water-repellent properties. As a second material, Filson uses so-called “bridle leather” for its backpacks. This is premium cowhide that has been waxed and greased in a complex process to be even more resilient. Through this choice of materials in connection with the proven craftsmanship, Filson backpacks are virtually indestructible, completely weatherproof and last a lifetime. All Filson backpacks are also heavily padded to protect the contents from impact. In addition to the durability, the design of the products is very important. On the outside, the backpacks of the brand are kept very classic. While Filson customers have to choose between four different color variants for the duffle bags and briefcases of the label, most backpack manufacturers only have a choice of two to three colors. The traditional tan (beige-brown) is the standard color, as it were, because every backpack is offered in tan.

Backpacks from Filson look back on a long history. When the brand was founded in 1897, its main business was to make rugged clothing and equipment for the many gold diggers who moved to Seattle at the time. Even then, the products stood for reliability and longevity. Even more than 100 years later, after many corporate takeovers and obstacles, the company's original values ​​have remained the same. Today as well, the backpacks are known for their high quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

About the brand Filson

The North American brand Filson can look back at more than 100 years of successful company history. What began as a small-scale 19th century outdoor gold mining business has grown into a global enterprise with flagship stores in New York, Washington, London and San Francisco.

Born in Nebraska in 1850, founder Clinton C. Filson loved nature and had a true pioneering spirit. In 1890, he moved to Seattle and fulfilled his dream of founding his own store. Clinton's circle of customers at that time consisted mainly of gold miners, who moved north through Seattle and equipped themselves for their journey at his store. Filson bags, backpacks and clothes were designed even at that time so as to withstand the harsh environmental influences of the north.

Even after the actual gold rush times were over, Clinton continued his outdoor business. His circle of customers was extended to include hunters, fishermen, miners and engineers, who relied on the high quality processing of the products and loved them. For Clinton, the opinions of his customers were always important, which is why he was in constant contact with them, for example, to tailor products to their needs. Filson bags and backpacks had to protect their contents reliably and be extremely durable. Clinton worked with waxed cotton, which made his products waterproof and also protected them from bumps and impacts. The production of leather bags and backpacks was even more elaborate. Their leather was treated with grease and wax in a special process, making it even more robust and scratch-resistant. It was therefore possible to withstand the forces of nature confronted by Filson buyers. For this reason, Filson was very popular especially for its accessories in addition to the outdoor clothing.

Shortly before his death, Clinton bequeathed the company to his family, which Filson remained a family business until 1970. After being bought by a distributor in Alaska in 1985, Filson wandered into the hands of a ski entrepreneur who expanded the product range from 35 to 250 items. After a few more takeovers, Filson was eventually sold to Bedrock Manufacturing Co. in Dallas.

The company today manufactures in three different locations in the US. In the past and present, Filson backpacks and bags are among the most popular products. Additionally, Filson is collaborating with Levi Strauss & Co make jackets, shirts, caps and bags under the name "Levis Workwear" by Filson. The values ​​with which founder Clinton led the company in the past have remained the same at the company, despite the many takeovers. High-quality workmanship, fine materials and a customer-oriented communication policy are still the focus today.

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