The Korean label conceives clear designs that focus on utility. Do cables and chains have aesthetic qualities for modern lifestyle products? The founder and chief creator of GEAR3 by SAEN has already built a continuously growing fan base worldwide with her purist bag collections. Simplicity, functionality and style are the aspects the bag designer pursues with her products. Consistently simple and 'pragmatic' is also the choice of the company name: 'Gear' refers to machines, the number '3' to the three themes of the collections and 'SAEN' for the name of the founder. Simple is usually the hardest thing... but is also the most captivating. Even Leonardo da Vinci was convinced, "Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.” Whether for leisure, the office or a weekend trip, GEAR3 by SAEN bag solutions are always exceptional and surprising, modern and fresh, aesthetic and elegant. - Be inspired by the Korean label’s wide selection.

Gear3 briefcase
Focus on functionality
GEAR3 develops bags and backpacks with a focus on people and their needs. Functional essence meets modernity and sophistication.
GEAR3 bag/backpack
Puristic design
The design is based on the benefits and utility of purist lifestyle products. Inspired by modern mechanics, the Korean label uses cable and chain-like leather straps and fasteners.
High quality materials
Coated canvas with high-quality details made of cowhide give the bags and backpacks a refined and robust appearance. Hidden YYK zippers do not let water inside.
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