Herschel Supply has its origins in 1900 and started as a small family business in a Canadian village. At that time, the product range consisted solely of high-quality mountaineering equipment. Fashionable backpacks, bags and accessories developed from these beginnings over time. Herschel Supply combines modern materials with classic design and the old values of the brand. Here, a casual look, the use of practical materials and high quality workmanship are at the foreground. The label has become firmly established internationally and disseminates its typical Canadian lifestyle throughout the fashion world. In addition to design, functionality also plays a primary role for the brand. For this reason, almost every backpack and bag has a separate laptop compartment and is made of water-repellent materials. A particularly popular model for everyday urban life is the Herschel Little America Backpack, which the label has marketed in various designs. Be inspired by our wide selection and find your new companion. Moreover, Herschel backpacks are also on sale at MAJIC, as is a large selection of backpacks for the university.

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Herschel Supply backpack
Quality of a classic brand
Herschel is a traditional brand and has stood for quality and practical materials since its founding. The durable accessories are ideal companions for every occasion, whether for the city or nature.
travel kit by Herschel Supply
Functionality in everyday life
All backpacks and bags have padded notebook compartments and smart features. Water-repellent materials and external headphone outputs make your everyday life easier.
Herschel Supply Duffle Bag
Timeless design
The combination of modern materials and a classic timeless design makes the products of the traditional Canadian brand so unique and popular.
More about Herschel

Backpacks and bags from Canada

That one should separate business from private life is something the brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack would certainly not endorse. In 2009, they co-founded the Herschel Supply Company have successfully produced since then high quality bags, accessories and weekenders for men. In just five years, Herschel developed from an insider tip into an internationally known lifestyle brand for men. Leading labels such as Apple work with the company based in Vancouver, Canada. On Instagram, you will find backpacks, bags and accessories by Herschel for all situations and all sorts of places all over the world. They accompany the globetrotter as well as the businessman in New York. The success of the brand is no coincidence. Before the Cormack brothers became self-employed, they worked in the marketing departments of ​​other well-known lifestyle labels. They were able to contribute their experience to the development of their bags and accessories. From the beginning, the goal of the Cormacks was to combine classic and timeless designs with modern functionality. They were inspired by the story of their family and their own childhood memories. Growing up in Calgary, Canada, the boys spent a lot of time with their grandparents in Herschel, a small village with less than 30 inhabitants, a general store and lots of wild nature. Their great-grandparents immigrated from Scotland in 1906. In this tradition, the brothers wanted to develop their own label and therefore named it after the place where three generations of their family grew up. While Lyndon is more concerned with optimizing business operations, Jamie's focus is on the creative side.

In the designs for their backpacks, weekenders and accessories for men, the brothers came up with the idea of completely reinterpreting classic forms for modern men. The Little America Backpack and its little brother, the Retreat Backpack, strongly recall the traditional backpacks worn by the first mountaineers. Behind the vintage look of Little America and Retreat, however, is a very modern interior with laptop compartment, cell phone pocket and comfortable padding. In addition, Herschel attaches great importance to high quality details, such as zippers with real leather and brass snaps with an embossed logo. The lining made of striped fabric has become a trademark of Herschel Supply.

Herschel Studio Collections

The limited Studio Collection from Herschel stands for urban design and a special selection of materials. This premium line from the Canadian label is designed for use in the city. Since it often rains in many large cities, the city-suited premium models are equipped with materials such as conventional or specially coated industrial tarpaulins. In addition, almost all Herschel backpacks are equipped with a laptop compartment and various practical pockets in the interior. The Canadian brand clearly proves that with the Studio Collection a backpack can be both stylish and functional. The fashion label has the right model for every occasion, such as the sporty Duffle Bag for the gym or the classic Little America Backpack as a real space saver. The typical studio design differs from the conventional classical scheme especially through clear and modern features that run through the entire collection. Find your new companion now for your next urban explorations.

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