L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket is a cosmetics company for men and women that specializes in natural care products. On the Swedish west coast, the label manufactures its products to the highest quality standards and consciously refrains from harmful chemical additives. With great sophistication, L:A Bruket selects highly effective and natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts for its shampoos, soaps and conditioners. The aim of the care brand is to spread the Swedish west coast lifestyle through emotions and natural scents. Due to the unique industrial design, L:A Bruket is also highly regarded in the fashion world. The label relies solely on the power of nature, which is why ingredients such as seawater, mint, sage, algae and aloe vera are found in the shampoos and other products. Once you've had a taste of LA Bruket products, it's going to be hard to do without them ever again. At MAJIC, you will find a large selection of soaps, shampoos and creams.

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More about L:A Bruket

High quality care from Sweden

The cosmetics company L:A Bruket stands for high quality care products from Sweden. For its products, the company uses only ingredients that are natural and biocertified. The manufacturing process of cosmetics is kept as simple as possible. Much is still handmade. Not for nothing is the label called L:A Bruket, which means "small factory" in Swedish.

For Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson, the founders of the company, the desired effect always motivates the development of new care products. They live in Varberg, on the west coast of Sweden, where Monica started to make soap, because she needed it to present her ceramic collection. The result was so stunning that she kept going and got Mats on board. The neighbors of the two are surfers, traditional fishermen and algae harvesters, who are constantly exposed to the harsh climatic conditions. The people who live there are not interested in big talk; they’re interested in results. Either a cream works or it doesn’t. Monica and Mats follow this philosophy in the creation of their cosmetics and care products made in Sweden. In each area, they work on simple, sustainable solutions that are uncompromisingly designed to be highly useful to the consumer. This starts with the selection of raw materials and ends with sales and packaging.

The reduced design of their bottles and jars, which appeals especially to men, stems primarily from this basic idea. The bottles are dark to preserve the quality of the natural ingredients longer. Most of these natural products come from the Varberg area. Spa treatments with seawater and algae have a long tradition there. Monica and Mats implement this experience in some of their products. Both are convinced that nature has everything needed for the care and nutrition of the skin. They make no secret of what ingredients their cosmetics contain. They do not need to, because everything is strictly certified, natural and non-toxic. The fragrances and flavors used are chosen to support the desired effect of the product. In addition to moisture-binding aloe vera, vitamin B, wheat protein and oat extract, Shampoo No. 111, for instance, receives a blend of essential oils that support the care and soothing of the scalp and at the same time provide a pleasant fragrance experience. Mats and Monica do not choose the fragrances primarily according to whether women or men later are going to use the shampoo or cream. They believe that the personal preferences of the individual and the desired effect of the product are crucial in this regard.

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