The Danish label Libertine-Libertine was founded in 2009 by three friends and has stood ever since for high quality contemporary fashion. The founders are united by their love for music, art, literature and contemporary culture. In their collections, they therefore try again and again to be inspired by these elements. So Libertine-Libertine offers both timeless classics as well as current trends. The Scandinavian brand releases two collections a year and presents them on international catwalks, such as in New York, Paris or Berlin. Libertine-Libertine has grown rapidly in recent years and already offers its popular products in selected stores in more than 12 countries. Especially popular are the regular collaborations, which are created in cooperation with other brands. In addition to classic fashion, the brand also offers a wide selection of contemporary accessories. Discover Libertine Libertine's minimalist caps and scarves online at MAJIC.

Libertine-Libertine shirt with white sneakers
Minimalism meets fashion
Libertine-Libertine stands for minimalist design with high fashion elements. The label gets its inspiration for the collections from contemporary culture, art and music.
Hemden von Libertine-Libertine
Accessories and clothes from Denmark
In addition to clothing, the Copenhagen-based Danish label designs unique accessories such as beanies, caps and scarves. This is where creative contemporary fashion meets high quality materials.
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More than just a fashion brand
The philosophy of Libertine-Libertine states that each person creates his own purpose in life. The label designs fashion for people who do not want to be dictated and want to go their own way with their style.
More about Libertine-Libertine

Libertine-Libertine - Contemporary fashion label from Copenhagen

Libertine-Libertine is a fashion label with high fashion elements that focuses on accessories as well as clothing. The founders Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Peter Ovesen created the first small men's collection of their brand in their living room with inspirations from their home town, the Danish capital Copenhagen. Libertine-Libertine now has its own fashion line for women and men. The result is high quality clothing, as well as shirts, pants, sweaters, scarves and caps with a unique contemporary fashion character. The focus should be on design and not on large logos or brand emblems.

Libertine-Libertine was founded in the summer of 2009 during the recession and economic crisis, out of motivation to create a brand based on existentialism, high quality and well designed clothing. The initial goal was to be a small but solid company. According to the founders, their fashion was inspired by the picturesque city of Copenhagen—the lights of the city, the wild banks of the canals and contemporary culture. In this environment, the founders of Libertine-Libertine lived their creative souls without restrictions, thus laying the foundation for the fashion label.

Fashion stores or online shops—where is the label represented?

The success of the young company since its founding cannot be denied. After their exhibitions in Paris and Berlin, things kept going uphill. Libertine-Libertine fashion is distributed in selected stores in over 12 countries, as well as in some online shops. Only exclusive stores have the privilege of exhibiting the brand in their stores. Especially in big cities, like Berlin or Copenhagen, the brand can be found more and more often. The label itself does not operate a conventional Libertine-Libertine online shop. Instead, it has an artistic brand website, which serves as inspiration. There you will find up-to-date images of all collections.

Libertin - The genesis of the name

Libertine-Libertine started with a new existentialist approach to business and fashion. Existentialist philosophy states that each person creates his own purpose in life and achieves it through an authentic life. It's about not living life as others dictate, but doing your own thing.

This ideal is reflected in both clothing and accessories, as well as in the brand name.

The brand name is a tribute to the name "Libertine". The term “libertine” comes from the 16th century, when it stood for an attitude that violated the norms and did not want to submit to religious rules and other things. With Libertine-Libertine, you can express yourself to be different and go your own way, to create a life that suits you and not society.

This ideal is what makes the fashion label a success. It is fashion for men and women who do not want to be dictated and want to go a more individual way with their style. It is about demanding and prioritizing self-control, so that the constant availability of the 21st century, that every person is reachable at all times, does not define life.

More than just a fashion brand

Libertine-Libertine is much more than just fashion. It's about art, music and more. In addition to fashion, they collaborate on creative projects in collaboration with like-minded people. In one of these collaborations, the limited edition Grappa Edition was created.

A careful selection of Libertine-Libertine fashion for men and women can be found here in our MAJIC online store.

Among other things, you will find the Libertine-Libertine cap, which reflects the brand’s high quality standards. The caps are characterized by taped seams inside and a headband to absorb moisture. The size can be adjusted thanks to the continuously adjustable back closure Because of these features, the caps are in great demand.

The contemporary fashion label is positioned with its styles between streetwear and high end fashion. The range is subject to constant development by the designers, because the founders agree that nothing should be definitive. The high quality is reflected in the twill woven materials, which are slightly heavier than the paper thin materials from other manufacturers. This provides wearers of Libertine-Libertine everyday clothing, such as jackets, scarves or pants, a high degree of durability and less wear and tear in everyday use. After all, the owner should enjoy the products for a long time.

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