The Marvis brand is known for special kind of dental care. The toothpaste with the eye-catching packaging comes from the city of Florence. There, Earl Franco Cella di Rivara registered the Marvis brand in 1958. His idea was originally to create a toothpaste that was designed especially for smokers with an extraordinary whitening effect and an intense minty taste. At the same time, the toothpaste immediately stands out with its bright colors. Seven colors and seven unconventional flavors with mint. They are available with cinnamon, liquorice, jasmine or ginger. Marvis toothpaste is wrapped in valuable retro packaging with a decorative cap. This toothpaste is designed to make the daily ritual of tooth brushing a pleasure thanks to the aromas. The concept seems to have worked out for many years, as the toothpastes are sold in over 40 countries. At MAJIC, you'll find the full selection of Marvis.

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