Mr. Maroosh

A high on the traditional wet shave The label Mr. Maroosh from Amsterdam is no ordinary brand of care product. Mr. Maroosh runs against the grain in a world where the shaving experience has been forgotten and a shave is seen as a necessary evil. The label brings the barber shop into the bathroom with its products. The shaving creams start the day with the fresh scent of vetiver, an Asian sweet grass or earthy scents of wood and leather. Applied with the right shaving brush, it creates a pleasant foam that makes for the perfect preparation for shaving. Placed in a simple leather case, the products are attractively packed and make regular wet shaving a true ritual. So instead of opting for a quick, unpleasant shave, you can use Mr. Maroosh's care products to help you relax, rejoice and revel in your morning ritual. From individual products to the shaving set, you will find the right shaving accessory at MAJIC.

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