OAK Natural Beard Care

OAK Natural Beard Care is a new label from Berlin that manufactures beard care products. The highest quality and respectable design speak for the brand. The products are developed and perfected together with barbers and hairdressers. The label says: "In Berlin, there are more men with beards than in Greek mythology, but in Berlin, unlike in the Olympus, hardly anyone knows how to handle the beard properly." That's why OAK Beard Care, with the help of barbers and beard wearers, has developed products that help men with pride in their natural facial hair. Inspired by the traditional world of barbers, a place of true masculinity, our goal is to create beard care products that are beneficial and easy to use. The beard and face need specially coordinated products because they have different requirements when combined. That’s why OAK attaches great importance to the selection of active ingredients and materials. All facial care products are made from natural ingredients and are certified accordingly.

More about OAK

High quality beard care

Thanks to natural ingredients, with the use of OAK Beard Care products, you can treat your beard to the perfect care. Since 2013, the company has been using its natural cosmetics to give the beards of men a more vigorous and well groomed appearance. To achieve this goal, OAK develops its products together with trained barbers and hairdressers. OAK beard care products are not only good for your hair, but also very gentle on your sensitive and thin facial skin under your beard. Because for OAK it is important to strengthen your facial hair from the root

The company was founded in Berlin in 2013, as it says there are more beards there than in Greek antiquity. It is particularly important to OAK employees that men can proudly wear their facial hair and yet have a well groomed appearance. The beard care products are simple in their application and perfectly adapted to the differing needs of facial skin and hair. The products in the round red and white striped packaging can also be purchased directly from MAJIC.

More about OAK Natural Beard Care

The young company has turned the beard trend into a project. In 2013, the founders of OAK recognized that beards are no longer just a hallmark of hippies, but are a part of modern livestyle. While beard wearers were initially dependent on products from other countries, Ingo Isabettini and Marcus Röber, the founders of OAK, discovered a gap in the German market and developed their very own natural cosmetics for natural facial hair. The products of the Berlin-based company are free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones, parabens and raw materials based on mineral oil

With OAK beard care products, you look after the beard like old barbers, seriously and respectfully. There is a big difference between a beard and a well groomed beard, which you can identify with the care products from the Berlin-based company. Ingo Isabettini and Marcus Röber have thought through every detail of their project and so the name is not just a whim. As the English term for oak tree, OAK stands for naturalness, longevity and strength. Since Isabettini and Röber are themselves beard wearers, they know exactly what problems a man with facial hair can have, and therefore attach great importance to correcting these disadvantages. Crumbs from the last meal or the smell of smoke from the last cigarette should not cause a man to shave off his beard. With OAK beard care products, you can effectively counteract these problems.

OAK beard care products

The OAK beard care products include without exception natural substances and comply with all specifications of controlled natural cosmetics. By caring for your beard, you also maintain your facial skin under the hair. The beard too should look very good afterwards. The company is especially well known for its beard brush. To live up to its name, the OAK Beard Brush is made of oak. With its strong bristles, the brush is designed to perfectly shape the beard and remove unsightly loose hair. The OAK brush also helps keep your whiskers dry, as regular brushing stimulates sebum production.

For anyone who struggles with curly whiskers and still does not want to forgo facial hair, the OAK Beard Balm promises to bring structure to the beard. To prevent unpleasant food scraps or the unpleasant smell of cold smoke in the beard, regular use of beard shampoos is helpful, according to the OAK founders. These and other OAK Beard Care products can be found and ordered from MAJIC. Ingredients such as coconut oil and essential oils of grapefruit and vetiver care for your beard and leave behind a pleasant and unobtrusive fragrance that can be achieved without synthetic substances. The founders of OAK did not create the trend to wear beards again. But with their concept, they have ensured that even German men can wear a well groomed beard without having to order products from England or America.

The founders of OAK Natural Beard Care

The founders of OAK Natural Beard Care say the beard is neither a fad nor a way of life. For them, it just a part of life. Their own children would not recognize their fathers without their beards. In addition, Isabettini and Röber associate their beards with their success and therefore do not want to lose them. The most important thing, however, is that the beards are well maintained. How they came up with the idea for a beard care project is no longer important to them. Rather, they are happy about what they have achieved so far and are fully behind their products and employees. OAK was founded in 2013 by Ingo Isabettini, Marcus Röber and a handful of barbers, designers and natural cosmeticians

The two entrepreneurs had helpful support from competent specialists and were thus able to make an important contribution to the German market. For their product advertising, they often refer to Greek antiquity, because even at that time, the beard stood for masculinity and care of facial hair was responsibly addressed. As the popularity of beards increased, Ingo Isabettini and Marcus Röber realised that although many Berliners are bearded, hardly anyone really knew how to care for them. To prevent unkempt and curly hair in the face, they decided to work together with their expert friends on products for beard care. OAK has been successful with this project since 2013 and that's why we sell these natural cosmetics on MAJIC.

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