The Australian label Orbitkey was created in 2013 after the founders sought a solution for the ongoing key jingling in their trouser pockets. After they had successfully developed their product, they presented it on a crowdsourcing platform and received great acclaim from, among others, Germany. In the meantime, Orbitkey sells smart key organizers worldwide and thus not only prevents annoying jingles, but also offers practical, optional additional functions such as a bottle opener, a USB stick or a multi-tool. Everyone can put together their own individual key fob to suit their own needs. In addition to the practical functions, Orbitkey's leather or canvas Key Organizers look elegant and help you organize your keys enormously. At MAJIC you will find the useful everyday companions and the popular key ring in all colour combinations. Find your new key accessory now on MAJIC and be inspired by our selection of Backpacks and Bags.

How Orbitkey makes your everyday life easier

Keys are undoubtedly one of the everyday objects that everyone has with them every day. Apart from the clear necessity, carrying keys has only disadvantages. Besides the annoying jingling, they scratch your mobile phone in your pocket and take up much more space than required. The young label Orbitkey has tackled these problems and presents the Key Organiser, a product that tames your keys and also has some functions. In this article we introduce you to Orbitkey and show you how the Key Organiser can finally bring organization to your keychain.

What is a Key Organizer?

Orbitkey's best-known product is the Key Organiser. Its main function is, as the name suggests, the organization of keys. At least two, but up to seven keys can be managed with the tool. It holds them together and protects them during transport. The smart key fob takes up very little space and can be carried comfortably in your trouser pocket. No jingling or scratching from your mobile phone or wallet. So you don't have to keep your keys next to your phone. On the outside there is a D-ring for car keys. There you can also optionally attach an Orbitkey Ring. The design is minimalistically elegant and avoids unnecessary ornamentation. You have the choice between canvas and vegetable tanned leather in different colours. So the Key Organiser adapts exactly to your style. In addition, Orbitkey offers practical accessories with a USB stick, Multi-Tool and bottle opener, which extend the functionality significantly. But more about that later.

Orbitkey - History and Development

In 2013, the two founders Charles and Rex had an idea. They were frustrated by the jingling of their key rings and wanted to do something about it. The two wanted to find out if others would find their product idea helpful and so they decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. To Charles and Rex's great surprise, 5,000 people believed and invested in Orbitkey after the 30-day campaign. They then quit their jobs in industrial design and pharmacy and began to concentrate fully on them. They spent 4 months on development to ensure that the products were manufactured to the highest possible quality. After the product launch there was a lot of positive feedback from customers and also international press reported about the Key Organiser. The constantly growing team is now working from Melbourne and New York to improve their innovative key solutions. Separately to the Key Organiser, Orbitkey also offers practical accessories that further improve functionality. So far, there are three different enhancements.

Useful tools for the Key Organizer:

Bottle Opener:

The bottle opener is really practical in everyday life. It takes up very little space on the Key Organiser and can be used quickly and then folded away again. Like the entire Key Organiser, it has a minimalistic design and is limited to its clear function.


The Orbikey Multi-Tool brings many new features to your Key Organiser. It includes a bottle opener, a wrench, a screwdriver and a package opener. All four functions in one tool. The Multi-Tool makes your Key Organiser even more useful.


The third extension is the USB stick. The ultra-flat stick fits easily between your keys and can always be used quickly when needed. So you can always have your most important data with you. The USB stick extension is available in 8GB and 32GB.

The innovation continues

Although the label has only just won the iF Design Award 2018 in the product category, the next products are already being planned. At the beginning of 2018, the Australian label completed another crowdfunding campaign and launched three more products that can also be used as a supplement to the key organizer. With the Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap, the brand wants to reinvent the key ring, carabiner and lanyard.

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