The label Pinqponq stands for sustainably produced Backpacks and lifestyle products with attention to detail. All Products, like bags are designed in Cologne under the ethos of functionality, style and sustainability. The brand uses for each Pinqponq Backpack fabrics that are 100% made from PET bottles. The best known and most popular models are the Cubik Large, which is ideal as a city and work companion or the Blok Backpack, which is intended for travel and excursions. Get inspired by the full range of Pinqponq accessories now at MAJIC and find your new backpack for leisure or the way to work.

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Pinqponq Backpack - Modern look combined with functionality

If you choose a Pinqponq Backpack, you won't get any replaceable Backpack, but a durable companion that you can wear with a clear conscience every day. The three pillars of sustainability, functionality and design form the basic idea of the brand, which they conscientiously implement in every model and new project. The function of a Pinqponq Backpack is to be the best possible companion in every situation and at the same time to be an organised storage place for your utensils. Whether travelling, going to work or on a weekend trip with friends. Each Pinqponq backpack has a padded laptop compartment and a spacious interior with plenty of room for short trips or work materials. In addition, there are various interior pockets and functional features that make your everyday life easier in every respect. These include various opening options, compartments with DeepL access or even reflective elements for road traffic that are incorporated into the design. In the following, we introduce you to the two most popular Pinqponq Backpacks and take a closer look at their design.

The Design

The Pinqponq Backpacks, designed in Cologne and produced in Vietnam under the best working conditions, convey a playful and unique industrial feeling. The backpack and bag design proves that functionality can also look good and fits perfectly into modern urban everyday life. The unique look with recognition value quickly reveals that this is a Pinqponq Backpack, even without the eye-catching logo patch (red and blue dot on black background). Behind every pocket model on the market comes the thought: what personality and style is the product designed for? Behind every product that Pinqponq produces there are sophisticated design process samples. The label analyses fashion-conscious people and develops backpacks and bags that are tailor-made for them. Thus, the products of the Cologne label specifically satisfy the needs of their customers in the form of a combination of style and function. Pinqponq makes clear statements with the design of its accessories and finds an elegant balance between impressive uniqueness and understatement.

Pinqponq Cubik Large

The Pinqponq Cubik Large is the largest and best-known backpack in the series, with a volume of 22 L. The backpack is available in two different sizes. In addition to a 17" notebook compartment with separate access from the outside, it has an additional padded tablet and document compartment. The box-shaped silhouette of the Pinqponq Cubik backpack is ideal for neatly storing utensils and work materials. On the stable bottom of the backpack there is a zipper compartment, which is suitable for storing cables. The two-way zipper allows the entire front of the Cubik backpack to be opened, making loading and sorting much easier. Pinqponq has designed the inside of the front flap in such a way that it offers maximum functionality with two additional compartments. Larger items such as water bottles or clothing can be stored in the spacious main compartment. To make the Pinqponq Cubik Large also suitable as a backpack for cycling, it has an adjustable chest strap and a padded back section. The current colour selection is as follows: Vivid Ocean, Licorice Black and Vivid Monochrome.

Pinqponq Blok Backpack Large

If you are looking for a spacious Backpack for travel and adventure, the Pinqponq Blok Backpack is just the thing for you. The Blok Large holds an incredible 40-45L volume and offers enough space for clothes, sneakers or provisions. The Pinqponq Blok rucksack's intelligently designed interior doesn't mean you have to sacrifice functionality. Like the Cubik, it has a cable compartment integrated into the bottom, an internal notebook and laptop compartment, and tidy storage space for documents and magazines. The inside of the fold-out opening flap contains a zippered pocket and a mesh pocket. Pinqponq wants to make the Blok rucksack as comfortable as possible for the wearer. It can therefore be converted into a messenger bag or a carry-on in just a few simple steps and can be carried in a total of 3 different ways. There are also three matching opening options. The Pinqponq Blok can be opened from above as a duffel or frontally via the double zipper system. In addition, there is an access point on the side of the backpack for agile access to your laptop. You'll also find a glasses compartment and pen holder in the spacious main compartment inside. The practical silhouette of the Blok Large backpack allows you to take it with you on the plane as hand luggage. In addition to the large version, there is also a medium and a small version as well as ten different colours.

Backpacks made from sustainable materials

Pinqponq has a very strong environmental awareness and uses only sustainable materials. Polyester is an excellent material for backpacks due to its durability and longevity. The Cologne label uses recycled PET bottles and uses them to produce polyester, which is ultimately the material used for the bags and backpacks.

In the past, polyester was produced exclusively from crude oil. This is certainly the cheapest option, but it is anything but environmentally friendly. As Pinqponq and other environmentally conscious brands pay attention to their ecological footprint, the production of polyester from plastic bottles is becoming more and more popular. The PET bottles are collected, shredded into flakes, heat processed into threads and spun on a yarn. These fine threads are then woven into your new Pinqponq backpack and printed in the final step. As a bluesign® system partner, the Cologne-based backpack label excludes environmentally harmful components from any manufacturing process. In addition, Pinqponq is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which checks all manufacturing processes to the highest standards and is always available with suggestions for improvement.

Working conditions and production

The entire production of Backpacks and lifestyle products takes place in Vietnam. Pinqponq did not choose the location by chance. Vietnam is characterised by its excellent working conditions with regular working hours, scheduled breaks and good catering during work. For reasons of quality assurance, Pinqponq's employees regularly visit the production sites to check the processes on site. These visits not only serve as a mere check, but also improve communication between designers and local sewing staff.

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