Rains is a Danish label and has been known for functional Rain Jackets, Backpacks and Bags since 2012. The two founders from rainy Denmark wondered how to get the best out of a rainy day and were sure that water-repellent accessories and clothing were the cornerstone. The Rains Backpack, as well as its little brother, the Backpack Mini, proves the founders' thesis and are the ideal companions for any weather. The urban design of the Brand Rains runs like a guide through the assortment. Each Model has several zipped pockets, a separate laptop compartment and adjustable shoulder straps and can easily be used as Office-Backpack. Of course, you'll also quickly find what you're looking for Weekender Bags, Toilet Bags and Messengers are similar to backpacks in their ability to cope with all the demands of everyday urban life.

Rains Tote Bag
Fashion for bad weather
The young label Rains from Denmark has set itself the goal of designing fashion for rainy weather. Scandinavian design meets Scandinavian weather.
Rains Duffel Bag
Minimalist design
The Danish brand attaches great importance to the contemporary look of the products. In doing so, Rains dispenses with embellishments and instead relies on a modern design concept with clean lines.
Rains Bag Material
Weatherproof and robust
In addition to the waterproof properties, Rains polyester-polyurethane blend also has practical advantages such as high durability. In addition, the material is very easy to clean.
More about Rains

Rains gives rainy weather no chance

What could be better than relaxing on a bike in the city on a sunny morning with your favorite backpack and enjoying the weather at the same time? Unfortunately, this opportunity is far too rare, especially in Germany with 132 rainy days a year. Granted, a Rains backpack or a bag can unfortunately not change the bad weather. However, the stylish accessories with their harmonious design and high degree of functionality can make your day much better, even in the rain, and help you to avoid a bad mood. The lifestyle brand uses the same water-repellent material in every Rains bag, backpack and weekender: polyester and polyurethane mix. What's so special about the material? In addition to the fact that it feels incredibly comfortable on the skin, it is completely water-repellent and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth at any time. So if you've had enough of letting yourself be restricted by every little rain shower, you're in the right place at Rains and will be still be stylish on the go.

What makes the Copenhagen brand so special?

Rains has been known since its foundation in 2012 for the production of water-repellent backpacks and bags. The original idea came to the two founders, as they worked on how to avoid bad mood on rainy days. So they came up with the idea of ​​designing bags and backpacks that meet all weather conditions. Of course, the creative founders Daniel Brix and Philip Lotko are not content to "just" be known for weatherproof accessories and clothing. Decisive for them is the combination of a modern look and functionality. People should want to wear their Rains backpack regardless of the weather due to the excellent design and quality. No question, this goal has long since been reached by the label. Particularly in large cities, people are seeing the urban backpacks more and more. However, if the backpacks are too small for your needs, this is not a problem. How would a Rains bag be as an alternative? They are made of the same materials and offer enough storage space for all your belongings just like the messenger and tote bags, whether on the way to the office for for a weekend getaway. No matter what you decide in the end, one thing is guaranteed for you at Rains: You are free to go out no matter the weather and to welcome nature in all its facets.

Which Rains backpack is right for me?

So you get a better picture of the assortment of the Danish label, here are some of the most popular models in detail. Let’s start with the Rains backpack, which, as the name already reveals, is the label’s absolute classic. Depending on your requirements, it is available in two different sizes. Originally, the Rains mini backpack was designed for women and the standard size for men. Meanwhile, both variants have developed into unisex models and are carried by men as well as women. The pack is especially recommended for everyday use and has many helpful features. Diverse pockets, such as the cell phone pocket placed on the back, make everyday life easier. Due to its flat silhouette, the backpack is also ideal for transporting folders and files.

For those who like things to be a bit more sporty, the Field Bag Backpack is just right. It is the evolution of the Mesh Backpack, which has no longer been produced since 2016. The new version now consists entirely of waterproof polyurethane material. It is particularly robust and can be taken with you to the office just as well as to the university. Due to the adjustable shoulder straps, it ensures ideal carrying comfort.

The MSN Bag is identical in design to the classic Rains model. It differs only by the more compact shape and offers up to 22.7 liters of capacity. In addition to the larger storage space, you will find a notebook compartment in the interior and more inside pockets for small things. The MSN Bag can be safely closed with two snap hooks.

Let's turn to the Day Bag, which is hard to beat in terms of functionality. In addition to a padded back and shoulder straps, it even offers a separate waterproof compartment for documents. The oval silhouette is ideal for the back and is very popular with cyclists. In addition to 25 liters of storage space, the interior of course also has a notebook compartment, space for documents and your smart phone. With the front zipper, you can quickly get to your most important items.

The ideal Rains bag exactly for your needs

It’s not easy to find a bag that fits exactly to your needs and at the same time still looks good. Rain's bags combine modern design with functionality. Therefore, they are just the thing for you, if you like to be stylish, but do not want to give up your usual comfort. At this point, we'll help you find a bag that suits you and your needs.

Let's start with the Weekend Bag by Rains. It is ideal if you want to travel again over a long weekend. Its interior offers plenty of storage space for your clothes and everything else you need on the go. Conveniently, you can easily take the Weekend Bag on most airlines as hand luggage and thus can do without bulky suitcases. The modern design is especially underscored by its slim silhouette and smooth material.

Are you looking for a bag to take to the office? The Pace Bag is ideal for office work and offers maximum functionality. In the two large outer pockets, you’ll find enough space to stow your charging cable and other technical accessories. On the back, there is a zipped compartment in which your wallet or smart phone can be safely stored. The interior of the Rains bag offers a laptop compartment as well as storage space for your documents and folders.

Now let’s discuss an uncomplicated model from Rains that’s optimally suited for everyday use. The Tote Bag—it's great for shopping or transporting everyday items. You can also use it as a companion for the gym, and have everything you need at all times. Of course, its thin yet sturdy material is waterproof and can be closed with a waterproof zipper. Due to the light weight of the bag, it can be transported comfortably and can be carried by the handles, as well as over the shoulder.

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