The Retrosuperfuture model labor is well known for producing unique and extravagant sunglasses. In the Italian fashion metropolis of Milan, the company manufactures its eyewear by hand to the highest quality standards. To ensure the same high quality for the glasses as for the frame, Retrosuperfuture uses only high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses for their Super Sunglasses. The combination of Italian craftsmanship and unmistakable design quickly convinced even celebrities such as Daft Punk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jessica Alba, Kanye West and many more. The rapid growth and high demand of the Super Sunglasses surprised even the two founders, as they revealed in an interview. In particular, the fact that the Italian fashion label does not conform to the mainstream and puts its collections on the market as limited editions, rather than mass production, makes them particularly sought after. So do not waste any time and get inspired now by the large selection of Super Sunglasses at MAJIC.

Retrosuperfuture sunglasses boxing
Quality from Italy
The Italian label Retrosuperfuture has been known for years for unique craftsmanship in the manufacture of sunglasses. In a local Italian factory, the precise processing and production takes place.
Men with Retrosuperfuture sunglasses
Futuristic design
The Italian sunglasses label is almost indispensable in the world of fashion. The diverse designs range from classic to elegant, modern and futuristic, depending on the collection.
Two Retrosuperfuture sunglasses
Uncompromising quality
Only the best materials are suitable for Retrosuperfuture. For the lenses, the label works exclusively with Carl Zeiss.
More about Retrosuperfuture

What distinguishes Super Sunglasses and makes them so popular?

Retrosuperfuture is one of the most exclusive manufacturers of sunglasses and has been one of the trendiest labels in the fashion scene for years. The collections, which were still very small and classic at first, quickly developed further. The now enormously diverse assortment of Super Sunglasses includes subtle classics but also very futuristic models. Therefore, in addition to absolute fashion fans, customers include people who prefer to put on understatement. In spite of the versatile offerings, the concise and modern style of Retrosuperfuture Sunglasses has meanwhile become a trademark for the label and is a constant feature of the different collections. The brand dispenses with large logos and prefers for the design and quality of the Super Sunglasses to speak for themselves. Because of this renouncement of extravagant brand symbols, the glasses are used very often in films to avoid surreptitious advertising. Many prominent persons have become convinced of the aesthetics and quality of the eyewear and wear the glasses in their free time. For this reason, the brand is now also known as the "sunglasses label of the stars" and almost no fashion blog or magazine can be imagined anymore without them. Despite the great fame of Retrosuperfuture, the brand distances itself from the mainstream and provides exclusivity through its strictly limited collections.

Quality and craftsmanship from Italy

With the founding of Retrosuperfuture in 2007, Daniel Beckermann wanted to build sunglasses that were both unusual and timeless. They were supposed to be unique sunglasses that his friends would love to wear and cause people to ask immediately where they can get them from. Looking back, Beckermann has achieved, if not exceeded, his goal. The Super Sunglasses are today clearly one of the absolute trend setters in the fashion industry. Many large manufacturers are inspired by the design and silhouettes of the label. Since the founding by Beckermann, the production of the Super Glasses has taken place by hand in sunny Italy. Italy is known for its long tradition of craftsmanship and accessories. That's why Beckermann easily found a professional team of people with a lot of experience and expertise for the production of his Retrosuperfuture Sunglasses. To this day, the glasses are made by hand in a local Italian factory. For the frame of the Super Sunglasses, the brand uses acetate in almost every collection and precisely assembles all individual parts down to the tiniest screw. The label is supported by the renowned German lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss, exclusively for the eyeglass lenses. The lenses are characterized by outstanding quality and 100% UV protection.

Retrosuperfuture - An Italian label with worldwide renown

It's fascinating that a young sunglasses brand is a magnet for fashion fans from all over the world. Thanks to the label's successful branding, people from more than 20 countries all over the world immediately think of the name "SUPER” Sunglasses. But where does this extraordinary name come from? Before the founding of Retrosuperfuture, Daniel and his brother Simon Beckermann worked as journalists for a successful Italian fashion magazine. Because they came from the fashion scene, they had a precise overview of what they considered to be boring eyewear manufacturers of the time. With the name "SUPER", they made a statement and stood out from the competition. Many people probably accidentally confuse the company name with Super Retro Future because of the expressive name. The label is particularly proud of its two flagship stores in the US. Naturally, one of them is in New York City, where celebrities go in and out everyday in addition to sunglasses fans. The second store is located in sunny Los Angeles. Here you will also find the full selection of Super Sunglasses. So, if you're planning a trip to the US in the near future, it's definitely worth a visit to one of the stores. Alternatively, however, there are also plenty of Retrosuperfuture shops in Germany, as the brand is also gaining more and more renown there.

Collaboration with the most exclusive labels

The popular sunglass brand is known for colloborations with various labels from the fashion scene. In selecting its partners, however, Retrosuperfuture selects very diligently and works exclusively with the most creative and respected labels, such as Carhartt, A.P.C. and Barneys. But even with the Super Sunglasses, which are the result of cooperation, it is easy to see that Retrosuperfuture always remains true to its typical design and silhouette. According to his friends, Daniel Beckermann is a creative mind with a passion for design and the courage to create something new. Through Retrosuperfuture, he lives his creativity to the fullest. Together with a designer team selected by him and his brother, he works on the latest collections and models. It is particularly important to him to involve each of his team members in the conception of the Super Sunglasses and to create common values.

Super sunglasses at a glance

At this point, we would like to introduce in detail some of the most popular classics of Retrosuperfuture:

The Classic Model - Classic and striking

Let’s start with the Classic Sunglasses. They fit almost any facial shape and highlight the eyebrow. The glasses appeared on the market one year after the label was founded in the spring of 2008 and are therefore among the brand's first models. The shape of the bridge ensures a comfortable fit even on long sunny days. It combines a certain degree of prominence with understatement. In addition to the soccer stars Ronaldo and David Beckham, female stars like Rihanna or Kim Kardashian also wear the Classic Sunglasses.

The elegant Retrosuperfuture Panama Sunglasses

With its round lenses, the Panama model is best suited for people with oval or angular facial features. The glasses were designed in 2015 and are considered one of the most sought-after pairs of Super Sunglasses. The rounded silhouette combined with the graceful frame lend the model elegance and class. Depending on your taste, you can receive Retrosuperfuture Panama Sunglasses in various colours, such as black, brown, matt and other combinations.

Paloma sunglasses - the uncomplicated companion for everyday life

The silhouette of the Paloma Sunglasses is particularly suitable for roundish to oval shaped faces. It was first released in 2011 with the Panama Collection and subsequently marketed in various shades due to its great popularity. Its shape is similar to that of the Panama Model, except that its temples and nose bridge are more distinctive. The Paloma from Retrosuperfuture is uncomplicated on the whole and therefore the ideal accessory for every day. Due to the great popularity of the sunglasses, Retrosuperfuture has marketed the model as "Tuttolente. In this version, the brackets as well as the front are made entirely of glass.

Everything other than mainstream - Giaguaro

Giaguaro is particularly suitable for oval to heart shaped faces and ensures harmonious proportions. The glasses first appeared in the winter of 2011 for the Panama Collection. The puristic modern look differs from mainstream sunglasses design. The double bridge highlights the striking front and ensures a symmetrical overall picture.  Giaguaro definitely sets himself apart from the mainstream and makes every single sunny day an eye-catcher.

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