Sandqvist is a Scandinavian Backpack and Bag brand, which stands for uncompromising quality and high-quality workmanship since its foundation in 2004. On MAJIC, let yourself be inspired by the brand's diverse assortment. The label clearly conveys that Sandqvist Backpacks are not just an object for everyday use, but a long-lasting companion that no adventure should be without. The inspiration for the accessories comes from Sweden's immense nature, where the founders of the company were born and grew up. Therefore the typical Scandinavian style of the Bags and Backpacks is a guide through the various models and collections. In addition to the core products you will also find Weekender Bags, Backpack with laptop compartment or Briefcase. Sandqvist uses high quality materials like waxed cotton, canvas or plant-tanned leather for every Swedish Backpack

backpack by Sandqvist
Bags & Backpacks from Sweden
Since 2004, Sandqvist has been producing quality backpacks and bags that meet the demands of both nature and urban working life.
notebook bag by sandqvist
Scandinavian design
The design of the products is rustic. The label uses premium materials that are durable and resistant.
Sandqvist Backpacks and Bags
Practical companion in everyday life
Bags and backpacks by Sandqvist are also functional. Almost all models are water repellent and have a padded notebook compartment.
More about Sandqvist

With your new Sandqvist Backpack into the next adventure

Sandqvist is particularly known for producing Scandinavian Backpacks with a clear outdoor design. To make them equally suitable for urban use, the label equips each model with important functionalities such as padded Notebook compartments, smartphone cases and DIN A4 compartments. Thus each Sandqvist Backpack cleverly combines functionality with design and outdoor qualities. Due to the large assortment and the constantly new collections, the decision when buying is not always easy. The label makes a contribution to a better world through durable products made of good materials under excellent working conditions. Sandqvist creates unique Backpacks and Bags with a minimalist look under the slogan: "When it comes to the design of Backpacks, we keep it simple".

The large assortment offers a variety of different designs and ranges from urban Backpacks for the College, to models for hiking in the nature. Excellent functionality and workmanship are among the main pillars of the brand. The first Sandqvist backpack was produced in 2004 in the home cellar of the two founders from canvas cotton. At that time, the function was far from perfected. With the help of family, friends and finally the first customers, a development of perfection began. Meanwhile the production of backpacks and bags takes place in three factories with hundreds of employees. In order to give you a better overview of Sandqvist's large product range, we would like to introduce you to the high-quality backpack models in more detail.

Functional companions for everyday use and the city

The first Sandqvist Backpacks were clearly designed for "outdoors". However, as the demand for Scandinavian backpacks in urban areas grew, the Swedish brand started with minimalistic and urban versions that remained true to their outdoor character. Of course, every Backpack by Sandqvist is equipped with a notebook compartment in the interior. Here, the size of the mostly padded laptop compartments varies between 13"- and 18". Many models also have compartments for smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, the interior of each backpack is designed to transport documents or folders in DIN A4 format. It can be clearly said that Sandqvist's urban target group often travels by bicycle. Since frequent rain showers in Scandinavian cities are no secret, the Lab's urban backpacks have a water-repellent coating that protects the high-quality canvas material as well as the interior. Now we come to the most popular Sandqvist backpacks at MAJIC for everyday urban use:

1. Hege Backpack
- Closure cap, stable bottom and strap made of leather
- integrated 15" laptop compartment
- large zipper compartment hidden on the side
- 18 L volume - H-42 cm - 30 cm T - 15 cm
- Material consists of hard-wearing cotton
. - especially popular with men

2. Alva Backpack
- Closure cap and strap made of leather
- integrated 13" laptop compartment
- Tunnel pull closure system
- 13 L Volume - H-39 cm - 31 cm D - 8 cm
- Material made of robust cotton
- rather designed for ladies

The best Sandqvist backpacks for nature trips

The three founders grew up in the Swedish nature and know exactly what you need for a Daypack in their home country. Long footpaths through forests and meadows, bridging rain phases and transporting food or clothing. The two brothers love to be out and about in untouched nature. Under the name Sandqvist they developed a Backpack for like-minded people, which fits both optically and functionally exactly into the image of Scandinavia. This original model developed into an enormous product range. This ranges from rolltop backpacks to completely waterproof, to very small and lightweight items. Anyone who enjoys hiking knows that nature and its weather can be very demanding in terms of materials and leather. This is why every Sandqvist Backpack designed for outdoor use is made of either a specially treated cotton material or polyester that can withstand heavy rain. You'll also find exterior compartments and a tidy interior that makes life easier with a variety of interior pockets and features. Of course, Sandqvist with integrated compartments for your laptop also provides application flexibility for the Outdoor models. below you will get to know the two most popular outdoor models on MAJIC:

1. Dante Backpack
- Interior space expandable by rolltop function
- padded 15" Notebook compartment
- Details from vegetable tanned leather
- 18 L Volume - H-42 cm - 26 cm D - 17 cm
- Material: blended fabric of 52% cotton and 48% polyester

2. Stig Backpack Large
- available in two sizes: Large and Medium
- padded 15" Notebook compartment
- high quality leather details
- 25 L volume - H-44 cm - 27 cm T - 18 cm
- Material consists of hard-wearing cotton linen

Sandqvist Bags for traveling and on the road

Although the philosophy of the Swedish manufacturer is closely linked to nature, the bags have become more and more popular, especially in urban areas. No wonder, because the extensive models are true organization and space miracles. Sandqvist has dealt closely with the needs of the urban target group and their everyday problem. Early on, the founders recognized the charm of combining urban functionality and outdoor suitability in a bag. From padded device compartments such as smartphone and tablet compartments to document compartments in DIN A4 format. Your Sandqvist Bag masters the demands in the office as well as on the road and makes your everyday life easier. So that your electronic devices are reliably protected also with rain, the label equips the bags partly with water-repellent materials and even Aquaguard zippers. Besides the functional interior of the Briefcases and Messenger-Bags, Sandqvist ensures that all important utensils such as Wallet, charging cables or keys find their storage space with an intelligently designed arrangement of external compartments. Of course for the Swedish Backpack and bag brand are removable shoulder straps that provide comfort on every messenger and weekend bag.

Messenger and Briefcase

The design of the Briefcases is very classic. They are ideal for the office or university and can be combined with any business outfit. Most Sandqvist Briefcases are made entirely of leather. A good example is the Dag or Dustin bag. The messenger bags, on the other hand, are usually less elegant in appearance, but have an enormous functionality. Large outer pockets, various inner pockets and hard-wearing cotton canvas make the bags an all-rounder.

Weekenders and Accessories

Weekenders are perfect for any trip. However, there are some differences in size. Sandqvist concentrates on Weekender Bags for short trips and designs them in such a way that they can also be carried as hand luggage on the plane. Removable padded shoulder straps ensure comfortable travel and the hard-wearing outer material gives the bags their durability. In addition to luggage, Sandqvist also offers other accessories such as Toiletries Bags and Purses.

Sandqvist and its development into an international Brand

Sandqvist is now available from over 350 international retailers and enjoys a worldwide reputation in the fashion scene. Thus the hobby, which at the beginning was still practiced in the basement, developed into an internationally renowned fashion label for Backpacks, Bags and Accessories. There are now over 100 Backpacks of the Swedish label on the market, but each individual product has remained true to Anton's core values. With a Sandqvist backpack you have the ideal companion with excellent quality and longevity.

Quality and Workmanship

Sandqvist works exclusively with first-class materials and is known for its high-quality workmanship. Since 2009 they have been producing all Backpacks, Bags and Accessories in India, one of the world's largest leather goods manufacturers. Sandqvist is particularly proud of the close and personal cooperation with the factories. The company works with a total of three factories employing between 70 and 500 people. As the three founders are very socially committed, they joined the 'Fair Wear Foundation' early on. The Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation that strongly supports the working conditions of factory workers in the fashion and textile sector. Therefore, the founders regularly get an idea of the conditions in the factories where they produce. Of course, they control every step of the production process so that all Sandqvist Backpacks and Bags comply with what the label stands for. The material most frequently used in production is cotton canvas, known for its robust properties and considered to be very durable. But what exactly distinguishes it from other fabrics? Cotton Canvas' is made of tightly woven cotton fibres and is known for its stability without the use of man-made fibres. For leather details such as shoulder straps, straps or buckles, the Swedish label uses vegetable-tanned leather.

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