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“Tid" is the Swedish word for time. In this sense, with their label “TID Watches” the founders have offered clean, valuable and durable timepieces since 2012. It is an exclusive range of unique wristwatches, captivatingly beautiful yet functional for everyday use that not only display the time, but also the spirit and taste of the wearer. In times when smart phones often not only dictate the time but also indicate it, a real wristwatch still forms part of a carefully chosen outfit. If you are looking for an elegant and first-class watch, you’ll find it at 'TID Watches'. The Swedish label is currently gaining enormous popularity. The watches are classic yet unique. The models have their own character and impress through their minimalist design and convincing quality. Depending on taste, outfit or mood: smooth leather or a braided look made of 'twain', an eco-friendly combination of recycled PET and vegetable tanned leather. All models are elegant and of the highest quality workmanship. Modern and extraordinary.

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More about TID Watches

TID Brand - getting to know modern watches from Sweden

Learn more below about TID Watches, its products and exciting history. Learn about the indisputable arguments that stand for the unique collections of the Swedish brand and thus provide an answer to the question: What makes meaningful and modern design?

The beginning of TID watches

TID Watches is the work of Ola E. Bernestål and Petrus Palmér together with Jonas Pettersson and Lohn Löfgren of the Swedish design studio "Form Us With Love". In 2012, the TID brand was founded and marketed the first collection of watches named No.1. This was sold out after a short time.

In 2015, with TID Watch No. 2, the second collection followed, again with enormous, increased success.

TID Watches relies on meaningful design

The watch brand TID Watches likes to use an example to clarify its design approach: "You are trying to locate the sensors, looking for those little black lenses that are usually placed at the stem of the faucet tap. But you can’t find them! You place your hands under the faucet and slowly move them forward, back, up and down to maximise the chance of hitting the sensor. Nothing happens. You lean forward to take a closer look under the tap. The other guests have already washed their hands, and you start to get frustrated. You stand with soapy hands in front of the mirror and decide to switch to another faucet, because the sensor must be defective—which it’s not.” An excellent example of a bad, unintuitive design. Therefore, the inventors of the TID brand believe in meaningful design, because bad design unnecessarily complicates life.

'Tid' is the Swedish word for time. As simple as it sounds, their watches focus on the essentials.

A closer look reveals the details that make the design of TID Watches unique. The crown is positioned to the left at nine o'clock, does not touch the wrist and is therefore more comfortable to wear. TID watches do not carry the logo on the dial, but on the side, discreetly embossed on the watch case. This feature, the simplicity of the hands as well as the indication of the time in numbers in sharp black and white contrast guarantee excellent readability. TID Watches do without pins and hinges so as not to tarnish the overall picture.

Their artful, sleek design makes a statement and brings TID Watches back to the basic task of displaying the time.

The craftsmanship behind the watch

Each case is milled from stainless steel and ion-plated for color. The result is a watch case of outstanding workmanship with a durable finish in dull black or brushed steel. Whether you opt for the NATO watch strap or the leather strap is up to you. All TID wristbands are specifically designed to be in perfect harmony with the TID Watches and meet the extremely high quality standards of the TID brand.

The leather wristbands fit smoothly and nobly around the wrist and are made of pure vegetable tanned leather in the organic tannery of Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. Vegetable tanning is an environmentally friendly process that gives the leather unique natural properties. The nylon wristband of TID Watches is made on a NATO basis of dense, sturdy nylon and is extremely durable.

The wristbands of TID watches are easy to switch and adaptable depending on the outfit.

TID no.1 und no.2 - Schweizer Gehäuse mit Schwedischem Design

Whether No. 1 or No. 2, both collections clearly reflect the natural and minimalist character of TID Watches and are therefore the ideal companion for every occasion.

TID No.1 is the first model of the Swedish brand. It is the pioneer among their wristwatches and, like all models of the TID brand, a timepiece that perfectly combines beauty and functionality. It is available with a readable dial in black or white and in two different diameter sizes. A Japanese quartz movement and mineral glass is installed in TD No. 1.

TID No. 2 follows the design concept of TID No. 1 and was designed with just as much attention to detail. The special feature of these TID watches is the monochromatic flow from the dial to the brushed steel case. TID No. 2 runs with a precise Swiss movement. The extremely robust sapphire crystal completes the uniqueness of these TID watches. The sapphire crystal is particularly appreciated for its scratch resistance and robustness.

TID brand - Give your outfit more personality

Hardly a man carries his watch today just to see the time. Nevertheless, a wristwatch forms part of any carefully selected outfit. Through them, you can give your own look more personality.

In addition to the tie, it’s the watch that is the salient feature of any suit, lending the outfit personality and making it a topic of conversation. Also in your free time The TID watches are a perfect companion in any situation. The Swedish label TID Watches combines tradition, fashion, comfort and uniqueness with a love for detail.

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