Hardly any other accessory is used as often as wallets. Here you can find our selection of wallets and cardholders from various international labels. These include handmade Italian wallets by Il Bussetto and the ultra-light Bellroy wallet. Read more…

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More about Wallets

The wallet is undoubtedly one of the items that we all carry with us every day. It is therefore also clear that they are available in the most diverse facets, shapes and materials. In the following article we want to discuss the different types, materials and functions in more detail and try to make your next wallet purchase easier.

The two best known species

There are several different and sometimes very special types of wallets. Waiters, for example, need wallets specially designed for them. Even some women's wallets are particularly large. For men, there are mainly two well-known types of wallets that have become established in everyday life.

Wallet - practical and proven

The classic wallet is still the most popular and of course not without reason. It is versatile and offers many functions. Depending on your preference, they are available in portrait and landscape format. Wallets have a coin compartment and at least one pocket for banknotes. In addition, cards can be stored in separate compartments. Wallets close either by zipper or are simply folded up. In most cases, manufacturers use leather or imitation leather for the material. These provide optimum protection, look classy and are easy to clean.

The advantages of wallets are obvious: they are ideal for money storage and organization and convince with many compartments and high-quality optics. The disadvantage, however, is the size required for this. Compared to cardholders, wallets are rather unwieldy and bulky.

Cardholder - the compact alternative

Noch nicht ganz so oft vertreten, aber immer beliebter sind Cardholder. Ähnlich wie bei klassischen Portemonnaies bestehen sie meist aus Leder oder LedCardholders are not yet represented as often, but they are becoming increasingly popular. Similar to classic wallets, they are usually made of leather or imitation leather and are available in both landscape and portrait format. The big difference is the size. Cardholders are usually very small as well as handy and fit perfectly in every trouser pocket without bulging them. Only the most necessary cards and banknotes are kept in the card slots. Only very rarely do cardholders even have a compartment for coins. Cardholder wearers instead collect their change in their trouser pockets or try to avoid it if possible.

The advantage of a cardholder is therefore its compact size and the often minimalist design. The disadvantages are the missing coin compartment and the smaller number of compartments. But if you can do without it, a cardholder is ideal for you.

Special features

In addition to the standard pockets of wallets, there are other practical functions that some wallets and cardholders have. We have listed the most popular ones here.

RFID Protection

More and more cards have sensitive data stored on their chips, such as modern credit cards. As practical as these chips are with NFC (Near Field Communication), there are unfortunately possibilities with which fraudsters can access this data. The owner of the card doesn't even have the chance to notice.

A so-called RFID protection is a kind of protective coating that makes it impossible to remotely read cards.

Hidden compartments

You don't have enough privacy in your wallet yet? A practical feature for this are additional hidden compartments. For example, the label Bellroy has integrated a secret compartment in its Hide and Seek Wallet that can be used for coins, notes or business cards.

Ultralight Wallets

The brand Bellroy has declared war on thick, bulky wallets and has found a real market niche with its particularly light, thin yet functional purses. The ultra-thin wallets combine the advantages of compact cardholders with those of functional wallets. They hold up to 12 cards, notes and coins, yet their smart design keeps them extremely thin.

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