Wood Wood

The contemporary streetwear label Wood Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2002. The two Danish founders are mainly inspired by their youthful influences of the 90s and the associated graffiti and street culture. The products are the result of a mix of high fashion, streetwear, youth culture, art and music. The result is the unmistakable design of Wood Wood with a healthy balance of style and function.  Accessories liked the popular caps, beanies and scarves enjoy a lot of attention. For Karl-Oskar Olsen, one of the founders and current creative director, Wood Wood is much more than a brand. The label was founded with the objective of constant further development, thus creating its own position through the mixture of underground styles and modern fashion.

Wood Wood Outfit
Scandinavian streetstyle
Wood Wood uniquely combines streetwear with high fashion. With a nostalgia for the 90s, the Danish label is inspired by scene elements such as graffiti, hip hop and street art.
Wood Wood Jacket
Trend accessories
In addition to clothing, the creative label is also known for urban fashion accessories such as hats, scarves and backpacks. The caps and beanies are an indispensable part of the fashion scene in particular.
Caps von Wood-Wood
Uncompromising quality
Wood Wood uses only high quality materials such as merino wool and cotton. Quality is their top priority.
More about Wood Wood

The fashion label for Scandinavian streetstyle

Since its foundation in 2002, Wood Wood has stood for unique urban fashion. The lifestyle brand was founded in the Danish fashion metropolis by the creative minds Karl Olsen and Brian Jensen. With a nostalgia for the 90s, the fashion label has impressed with a skillful balance of high fashion, streetwear and youth culture. In addition to the well-known gaudy caps, Wood Wood also produces bags, backpacks, beanies, jackets and accessories. Karl and Brian get the inspiration for their designs from their youth. Trashy scene elements from the 90s, such as grafitti, hip hop and street art, are firmly anchored in the collections. Playful prints and clear, unambiguous lines in conjunction with casual cuts are the hallmarks of the label and make the clothes and accessories so unique. In addition to the Wood Wood Online Shop, the label runs a total of 6 concept stores, including one in Berlin. The unmistakable, clear design of the fashion brand can be easily recognized in all its stores.

The Wood Wood Cap as a trend accessory for every outfit

You can hardly think about the label anymore without thinking about the popular Wood Wood caps. They are among the most famous and popular pieces of the Scandinavian streetstyle brand. Thus, in the fashion scenes of Berlin and Copenhagen, the caps are considered a must-have and compliment the outfits of many stars. The urban logo caps captivate with their unusual trendy colors and are a real eye-catcher. In addition to the bright colors, Wood Wood also offers classic caps and beanies with natural tones as well as in navy or dark gray. When manufacturing the caps, the Scandinavian streetwear label pays special attention to quality materials and high quality workmanship. Wood Wood uses cotton for the popular baseball caps, polyester for the low-profile caps and normally merino wool for the beanies. The functionality of the caps is just as important as their quality for the label. Small holes provide good ventilation and the adjustable closures on the back make it easy to fit Wood Wood caps optimally to your head shape. With the beanies, the merino wool ensures that you never get too cold or warm under the hat. The most common motifs for the headgear are a large W combined with the initials of the Copenhagen label in small format. Thus, the stylish caps ideally complement your outfit and are also happy to come to the rescue during a Bad Hair Day.

Fashion collaborations by Wood Wood

As an internationally renowned fashion label, global partnerships and collaborations are particularly important to Wood Wood. The Danish brand cooperates with other fashion brands as well as with companies that actually do not have anything to do with fashion. For example, in addition to joint collections with Adidas, Nike, Barbour and Eastpak, there was also a collaboration with LEGO. But not only large labels are suitable to Wood Wood for collaboration. Niche brands as well as special persons and artists are welcome partners of the Copenhagen brand. All in all, according to the Wood Wood Online Shop, the Copenhagen brand has worked on over 50 different collaborations over the past 15 years.

From an idea to a recognized fashion label

For Karl-Oskar Olsen, one of the founders and the current Creative Director, Wood Wood is much more than a brand. The label was founded with the objective of constantly further developing to be able to assume its own position through the mixture of underground styles and modern fashion.

The founding duo is completed by Brian Jensen. The two got to know each other at the Royal Design School of Denmark and made plans to develop their own fashion brand soon after graduation. The two sold their first products themselves in a small shop in Copenhagen. There, they offered skateboards in addition to their first backpacks, bags and hoodies. The concept worked and the brand expanded quickly. For example, the first store outside Denmark opened soon in Berlin. Meanwhile, Wood Wood is known worldwide and is always convincing with new unconventional styles and 90s nostalgia. Find your matching accessories now from Wood Wood at MAJIC!

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